Mac accessories

6th of June 2020
Logitech Craft in the test

In the test: Logitech Craft keyboard with rotary wheel for more options in Photoshop and Co.

The Logitech Craft keyboard is a few years old now, but Logitech was still able to provide me with a copy. I already liked the idea of ​​the rotary knob on the keyboard when she [...]
26. May 2020

M.2 SSD adapter - the best enclosures at a glance

For memory bars that are actually built into a PC, there are special M.2 SSD adapters, thanks to which they can be used as an external hard drive. However, there are many different manufacturers and models. What criteria do you use for [...]
15. May 2020

Zendure SuperTank: Strong power bank with 2x USB-C PD and 100 W.

I'm excited about the workmanship of the Zendure Powerbanks, as you can already read in some of my test reports. From a distance, this also applies to the Zendure SuperTank, which in addition to a nominal capacity [...]
12. May 2020
USB accessories require too much power and are deactivated

Mac problem: USB accessories with high power consumption will be disabled

A reader wrote to me this morning that his Mac threw the following message every time he plugged in the DVD player: USB accessories disabled. Disconnect high-power accessories to activate USB devices. Regardless of which port the device is connected to [...]
3. May 2020
Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse in the test

Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse 2.0 in the test - good, external speakers for the Mac?

A few weeks ago I had a short e-mail conversation with my reader Uwe, who was looking for external speakers for his iMac that should also have an optical input so that he could connect them to his [...]
2. May 2020
In the test: Satechi Magnetic Charging Dock

In the test: Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for charging the Apple Watch directly on USB-C ports

There are many ways to charge the Apple Watch, but the Satechi USB-C charging dock is certainly one of the smallest. I received a copy from the company to write a test report and it [...]
April 14, 2020

USB-C extension - pay attention to this with USB Type C cables!

Whether a USB-C extension with plug and socket or a long USB Type C cable - when buying, you should pay attention to properties such as USB generation, data transfer rate and power delivery. The latter means that the extension or the cable [...]
23. March 2020

Good and cheap (second) monitors for the home office

Have you gone to the home office or even had to move there with your work, you need a good monitor for it. If you were able to take the monitor or screen with you from the office, now you might want to [...]
12. March 2020
Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank in the test

In the test: Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank with USB-C, Lightning and Power Delivery

The last power bank that excited me so much that I gave it a blog article was the Zendure A8, of which I tried the Quick Charge variant at the time. Meanwhile I have the Zendure A8 [...]
11. March 2020

Logitech Ergo K860 - Ergonomic wireless keyboard with wrist rest

When using input devices on the computer, a posture that is as natural and ergonomic as possible should be adopted. Not only vertical mice are therefore recommended, but also keyboards that prevent the wrists from kinking. The Logitech Ergo [...]