Mac accessories

2. March 2020

Telekom Speedbox LTE IV - Setting up the cellular router (test 1)

In the following weeks I will make you happy with a series of tests on the Telekom Speedbox LTE IV. This first part will deal with setting up the cellular router. So if you want to know how to make the [...]
28. February 2020

USB-C to HDMI: 4K @ 60Hz adapter from Anker ensures a high refresh rate

If you are looking for an adapter for USB-C to HDMI, for example to control the image output via the Thunderbolt 3 port of the Apple MacBook (Pro / Air), you will find a large selection. Whether USB-C hub, cable [...]
21. February 2020

Czur - document and book scanner in lamp design

There are not that many book scanners on the market. Mostly you will find document scanners with feeder, flatbed scanners or copier machines - but they are mostly unsuitable for scanning books. The manufacturer Czur solves the problem with a construction [...]
16. February 2020
It took my brain a few minutes until the internal light came on again after switching to dark mode (Photo: Pexels / Pixabay).

macOS Dark Mode: How to Enable It and What Its Benefits

The dark mode (or "dark mode" in English), which was introduced with macOS Mojave, didn't interest me until recently. I activated it a good year ago after installing Mojave [...]
11. February 2020
A Seagate 4 TB HDD is my Time Machine Volume

The right hard drive for the Time Machine backup - my recommendations

Apple's in-house backup solution called "Time Machine" is a recommended macOS feature that you should definitely use. The backups are created in the background - mostly when the Mac is idle anyway - [...]
28. January 2020
Test of the InLine 4in1 Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard

In the test: InLine 4in1 Bluetooth keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The manufacturer InLine kindly sent me their new 4-in-1 Bluetooth keyboard so that I can write a short review about it. The "short" somehow didn't work, but I hope you won't be bored with my [...]
18. December 2019

Turtle Beach Headsets - gaming headphones with a microphone

Turtle Beach is a supplier of input devices, spare parts and headsets. The provider's range is aimed at both gaming PCs and consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. To the partners and ambassadors of Turtle [...]
17. December 2019

MX Keys wireless keyboard and MX Master 3 wireless mouse with Logitech Flow

Logitech has been offering practical accessories for the Apple Mac, Windows PCs, Linux machines and more for years. With the Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard and the MX Master 3 wireless mouse, you get two Bluetooth devices that [...]
11. December 2019

equinux tizi Knubbi - Cable holders and cable guides

The German manufacturer equinux recently launched an expansion of the "tizi Knubbi" product range. This now brings with it nine new cable holders and cable guides. The various organizational aids for desks, walls and the like go by names such as [...]
10. December 2019
Petrol station Pro in the test

In the test: tizi Tankstation Pro with 90 watts and 2x USB-C PD and 2x USB-A

Today there is again a small test report on a charger that I have been using in the previous version for a long time: The filling station or the new filling station Pro from tizi (here on Amazon [...]