Mac accessories

16. May 2019

Lindy USB-C hub with 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A

If you are looking for a "real" USB-C hub and not a multiport adapter, you still have to search a lot. I rummaged through a few forums and the products on Amazon and found a Lindy USB-C hub called [...]
2. May 2019
The lettering on the individual keys is exemplary and detailed. So you can quickly find the necessary special characters and don't have to spend a long time trying.

Test report: Matias Tactile pro - the best Mac keyboard for prolific writers?

After recently a keyboard had to be used for a test (see Satechi Slim Bluetooth Keyboard), a reader report that was made available to me a few weeks ago fits today well. My reader Jochen was with the [...]
April 27, 2019
Personally, I'm a friend of the adapters with connection cables, like here on the Minix. These do not come off by themselves during operation and put less stress on the USB-C port because they can be placed flexibly.

In the test: Minix NEO Storage S2 - USB-C adapter with built-in SSD

Anyone who is traveling with a current MacBook model can actually not avoid a USB-C multiport adapter. I myself have an adapter on both the left and right of my stationary MacBook Pro to connect a printer, scanner and various hard drives [...]
April 23, 2019

Liquid metal thermal paste: advantages and disadvantages to be aware of

A so-called thermal paste is used to transfer heat from the CPU or GPU to the cooler in the computer and laptop. There are different types of it - with zinc oxide, aluminum, silver, graphite or gallium. The latter [...]
April 11, 2019
The Satechi Slim Wireless Keyboard in the test.

In the test: The Satechi Slim Wireless Keyboard for macOS and iOS

A few days ago I received a new Bluetooth keyboard from Satechi: The Slim Wireless Keyboard - with a German QWERTY keyboard layout. As the name "Slim" suggests, it is less big than the "normal" Satechi keyboard, [...]
April 8, 2019

Theft protection for MacBook and MacBook Pro / Air models

To protect a laptop from theft, there are so-called laptop locks. Windows notebooks usually have corresponding recesses and holes in the housing for the laptop lock. Not so with the Apple MacBook and Apple MacBook Pro / [...]
April 3, 2019
If you look at the instructions printed on the printer, you will immediately understand how the cartridges should be inserted. : D

HP Envy 5540 printer in the test: good color inkjet printer for the Mac

A quick note in advance: In this review, I will report on my experiences with the HP Eenvy 5540, which I bought a good two years ago. Unfortunately, the model is no longer available, but [...]
29. March 2019
Charging via Qi charging - nice to have, but not my favorite way.

In the test: Apple AirPods 2 - my experiences with the new version

I usually take a few days to weeks before I write a review, but with the AirPods 2 I wanted to keep my finger on the pulse. For this reason you can [...]
26. March 2019
Even if it's very simple: Here are brief instructions on how to set up the AirPods 1 and 2 (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Set up AirPods 2 - this is how you connect the AirPods to an iPhone, iPad or Mac

I know there are things that you don't really need instructions for because they are so simple. But after I had my new AirPods 2 in my hand and actually didn't know whether I [...]
12. March 2019

Elgato Key Light: LED video light with Mac integration

Good lighting is very important in video production. This also applies to the Face Cam, which is used for a YouTube Let's Play, tutorial recordings or Twitch stream. If you […]