Mac accessories

29. October 2018

Marantz Professional Turret - Complete system for YouTube, podcast, game streaming, etc.

Do you want to produce web videos, stream video games on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer, record a podcast or realize other audio and video projects? Then the Marantz Professional Turret could be the ideal solution for your desk. Also as [...]
29. October 2018

Club 3D USB-C to HDMI adapter for MacBook or MacBook Pro

The Club 3D USB-C to HDMI adapter with the model number CAC-1504 reliably delivers 4K transmissions at 60 Hz, where others may promise this, but only realize 30 Hz instead. In this little post I would like to [...]
28. October 2018
Photo of the Artwizz Powerplug USB-C power supply pack

In the test: Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C power supply with 24 W power

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout with several iPads, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro and various iPhone models in the household - which of course not only belong to me [...]
24. October 2018

Test: TaoTronics TT-BH047 over-ear headphones with active noise canceling

The manufacturer TaoTronics kindly offers me headphones from time to time for test and experience reports. In addition to in-ear headphones, there are also over-ear models such as the TaoTronics TT-BH047 with Active Noise Canceling (ANC). I now have this [...]
19. October 2018

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Hard Drive in Tests and Reviews

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is a USB-C 3.1 hard drive with either 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB storage capacity. In addition to the extensive memory, it also offers a transmission speed of up to 550 MB / s - ideal for [...]
11. September 2018

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock - 2 x 4K @ 60Hz, USB 3.1 and Ethernet

The Thunderbolt 20 Mini Dock will be available from Elgato on September 2018, 3. The distributor for the Thunderbolt connection on the MacBook and MacBook Pro offers the possibility to simultaneously connect two 4K monitors with [...]
22. August 2018

Logitech MX Vertical - Ergonomic mouse shape for "long-term mouse pushes"

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is the manufacturer's latest vertical computer mouse, which is said to be particularly ergonomic thanks to the arrangement of the controls at a 57 ° angle. The wireless mouse with quick charge function is compatible with macOS 10.13.6 and newer, offers [...]
14. August 2018

Majextand - Thin, lightweight laptop stand for the MacBook

The Majextand from Taiwan is an extremely thin, minimalist and mobile stand for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and all other laptops up to 18 inches in size and 10 kg in weight. The laptop accessories for a [...]
2. August 2018

Reader's question: Can you use Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad at the same time?

Can you use Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad at the same time on the Apple Mac? - I was asked this question by a reader. The simple answer is: Yes, both input devices can be connected to the [...]
31 JULY 2018

The best sleeves for the MacBook Pro "late 2016" until 2018

"Now with up to 6-core processors and 32GB memory, True Tone display and the Apple T2 chip" - this is how Apple launched the 2018 update of the current MacBook Pro in a press release. If you […]