Mac accessories

22. March 2018

Inateck Dual Hard Drive Dock: Copy PC and Mac hard drives without a computer

The dual hard drive dock from Inateck with the designation FD2102 can be used as a docking station for two 2,5 "or 3,5" memories as well as with SATA connection i, II or III. In addition to the connection via USB 3.0 to Apple [...]
20. March 2018

Apple MacBook, Mac and iMac SSD adapter kit for retrofitting: replace the internal SuperDrive with a hard disk

Do you still have an older Apple MacBook (Pro), an older iMac, a Mac mini or even an iBook with a SuperDrive for CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs, then you might be toying with the idea that [...]
19. March 2018
companion app post image

What is a companion app and what is its function?

You keep stumbling across the term "companion app". This describes - in general terms - an app that is supplied with another app or hardware. Examples are iPhone apps that can be used as remote control [...]
19. March 2018

LMP USB-C Display Dock for Apple MacBook Pro

There are some docks, hubs and distributors for the Apple MacBook Pro with the two USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left. I have already introduced a few to you here on the blog. From [...]
5. March 2018

Laptop cooler tested: AUKEY CP-R2 with MacBook and Lenovo G550

An external fan for the mobile computer, a so-called laptop cooler or notebook cooler pad, is useful if the device often heats up noticeably. Especially in summer, in the heated apartment, in the warm office and [...]
1. March 2018

UGREEN card reader with USB ports and mobile phone holder

For the Apple Mac and the mobile MacBook in particular, it is not uncommon for people to be looking for a multifunctional device that can perform several tasks and only takes up one USB slot. That's why I […]
15. February 2018

Test: AUKEY CB-H5 USB hub under macOS and Windows

In this short test report I would like to show you how recommendable the AUKEY CB-H5 USB hub is. I also show whether the additional four USB-A ports with USB 3.0 technology can also be used to charge USB devices such as [...]
12. January 2018

Logitech Craft: Keyboard with rotary knob - the better touchbar alternative?

The wireless Logitech Craft keyboard is designed for Apple macOS as well as for Microsoft Windows and, in addition to the regular keys and a number pad, also comes with a rotary knob that controls various functions in the system and programs [...]
9. January 2018
The package of the tizi turbocharger 2x ULTRA already looks quite classy (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: tizi turbocharger 2x ULTRA - the car charger with USB-C socket and USB-PD

The boys and girls at equinux kindly sent me a special kind of USB car charger. The name is far too normal for equinux conditions: "tizi Turbocharger 2x ULTRA" - I would have been more likely to have said "tizi Bad Finger" [...]
5. January 2018

Magnet for macOS: Arrange on the Mac window as in Windows

If you switch from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac, you will surely find many advantages in the switch, but also a few hurdles. Because the workflow and thus productivity cannot be transferred 1: 1, at least [...]