Mac accessories

15th of June 2017

AVM FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable WLAN AC + N Router (cable)

With the FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable, AVM recently launched a powerful and multifunctional cable router that leaves little to be desired. If you don't just have cable internet and telephony, but a decent home network with various [...]
13th of June 2017

For MacBook Pro: USB-C DisplayPort adapter with 4K and 60 Hz

At the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote, in addition to the new iMac models and iOS 11, the updated MacBook models were also presented. These have installed the Intel Core CPUs of the 7th generation, called "Kaby Lake" as well as [...]
8th of June 2017

Study: The Most Reliable Hard Drives at Backblaze Online Backup Service

The most reliable hard drives for backing up data are chosen every year by Backblaze, a respected cloud service. Last year I presented you with an evaluation of the numbers up to Q1 2016: The best hard drives [...]
5th of June 2017

Magnetic charging cables: Magnetic USB cables, Lightning power supplies and more

A magnetic charging cable, or magnetic power supply, can be understood as those cables that either have a magnetic connector (like Apple MagSafe on the MacBook) or where the connector and cable are magnetically connected so that the [...]
2th of June 2017

External hard drive enclosure with USB-C for 3,5 and 2,5 inch hard drives

External hard drive enclosures with USB-C for 3,5 and 2,5 inch hard drives are particularly well suited to external use of an HDD or SSD that would otherwise be built into the housing of a computer. By connecting via [...]
30. May 2017

Apple USB SuperDrive on MacBook with USB-C?

Apple Mac computers like the MacBook late 2016 are not made to use the Apple USB SuperDrive per se. In addition, the SuperDrive with USB-A connection, which can be used as an external optical drive for CDs and [...]
24. May 2017

Blu-Ray burner for Mac, iMac, MacBook with USB 3.0 or USB-C

A Blu-Ray burner for Mac, iMac, MacBook and the MacBook Pro 2016 from Apple ensures that your backups of the system and individual data, private copies of films or series, photos, videos and more are on a [...]
19. May 2017

Thunderbolt 3 adapter: Satechi USB-C hub for MacBook Pro (late 2016)

Since the Apple MacBook Pro was introduced in 2016, USB-C has been on everyone's lips and the search for the perfect USB-C adapter with all the necessary connections is an issue in many places. If you still have a USB-C hub for [...]
18. May 2017

Webcam cover and Camsticker® for iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad

Webcam cover, webcam stickers, webcam stickers or just counter espionage - there are many names for the stickers and sliders that can be used to disable the camera of smartphones, laptops and PCs. You don't have to [...]
16. May 2017
Cheap Palette Gear Alternative Cheap For Lightroom

Inexpensive Palette Gear Alternative: Control Lightroom with a MIDI controller

Using Lightroom with a MIDI controller: You use Lightroom and want to improve your workflow, but don't want to spend hundreds of euros to buy the buttons, sliders and knobs from Palette Gear? Then you should [...]