Mac accessories

28. November 2016
Loupedeck Lightroom Indiegogo Edit Photos Mixer Controls

Loupedeck: Mixing console tool for image processing with Lightroom from 2017

Loupedeck is currently being financed through Indiegogo, a piece of hardware developed in Finland for image processing that is not unlike a mixer. The team, which partly consists of former Nokia employees, wants Loupedeck in 2017 for users of [...]
5. November 2016
Here I tested my internal hard drive (SSD) in the MacBoo Pro Retina 2012 - a rather lame pickle compared to the new MacBook Pro.

Hard drive benchmark tool for the Mac: AJA System Test measures hard drive speed

For my blog I test devices of all kinds - headphones, cameras, laptop bags, chargers, USB sticks, memory cards - or even hard drives. In order to make an objective statement about an SSD or HDD, the hard drive speed is [...]
28. October 2016
The new MacBook Pro 2016 - is just missing an USB-A port!

The MacBook Pro "hello again" event 2016: I have no impulse to buy ...

Hello again ?! I admit that I was already looking forward to the Apple event yesterday. There were also some candidates on the wish list: new MacBook Pro, new Mac Pro, new iMac, new Thunderbolt [...]
5. October 2016

USB extension: When are extension cables, USB repeaters and hubs worthwhile?

A USB extension is always helpful if you don't want to have individual devices right next to your Mac or PC. Even if you want to use existing devices in the office, home office or in the co-working space, but [...]
14. September 2016
Seagate 4TB hard drive directly on the MacBook Pro

Test: Does a USB 3 hub slow down an external USB 3 hard drive?

Today I found a new tool for benchmarking hard drives (AJA System Test 2.1) and did a little test with it. I was interested in whether - based on the transfer speed of the hard drive - [...]
31. August 2016
sticker for macbook bb8 post image

Star Wars stickers for MacBook: Stickers from Episode I to Episode VII

Stickers for the MacBook are very popular and are particularly suitable for older models where the bitten apple from Apple is still lit. Because by pasting over with stencil-like stickers new [...]
27 JULY 2016
Apple Thunderbolt Display 2016 before the end?

The Apple Thunderbolt Display is no longer in the Apple shop in 2016 - here are the alternatives!

The Apple Thunderbolt Display introduced in 2011, an external monitor from Apple that could be coupled with various devices, is now on the brink of end. If you can't get hold of any remaining stock in the Apple Store or online, you can [...]
4 JULY 2016
ZAGG Limitless Packshot

In the test: switchable Bluetooth keyboard ZAGG Limitless for Mac, iPad and iPhone

A few days ago I was able to take a closer look at a special Bluetooth keyboard: The ZAGG Limitless, which is actually classified as a "tablet keyboard" by dealers, but in reality can do a lot more than you can with [...]
17th of June 2016
Here in detail you can see the two bulges on the bottom and the lid of the case that the MacBook is padded all around. When you close the zipper, they are pressed together.

In the test: The Booq Viper Hardcase for the MacBook 12 inch

A few days ago I received the Viper Hardcase VHC12-BLR from Booq for testing. I already have a sleeve for my MacBook 12 inch, but it is quite "wobbly" because it is made of neoprene [...]
15th of June 2016
iStorage USB 2.0 model with 256 BIT AES encryption

Crypto USB sticks with 256-bit AES hardware encryption for the Mac - a "narrow" selection

I am often out and about with my MacBook and also have data on USB sticks with me that shouldn't necessarily fall into the hands of third parties. Customer data, personal data and sometimes logins are simply nothing [...]