Mac accessories

28. March 2016
The Inateck USB-C to USB-3 hub on the MacBook

In the test: Inateck HB4103C USB-C hub with 3x USB 3.0 ports and network connection

Today I have a special hub in the "test laboratory": A 3-port USB 3.0 hub that can be connected to the MacBook (12 inch) from Apple via the Micro-C USB port. Anyone looking for a hub [...]
11. March 2016
Doxie Go Wi-Fi for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Doxie Go, Go Plus and Go Wi-Fi in comparison: mobile document scanners / feeder scanners for Mac, iPhone and iPad

There are quite a few mobile feeder scanners and they all have certain things in common: They have a built-in rechargeable battery, usually also built-in memory, so that they can scan without a computer and they can scan in different [...]
5. March 2016
Photo: UAG composite case for the MacBook 12 inch from Apple

UAG Urban Armor Gear sleeves for MacBooks - the bombproof protective sleeve for the Apple laptop?

You can certainly argue about the look of the MacBook sleeves from UAG (Urban Armor Gear). With regard to the protective effect, the situation should be quite clear, because the composite cases are according to a fall test standard [...]
27. February 2016
7 port Anker USB 3.0 hub for the Mac

USB 3.0 hubs for the Mac - a preselection with a recommendation

The fact that Apple finally supports a USB3 port with the new Macs was an urgently needed thing. Thunderbolt is also nice (fast), but unfortunately there are hardly any devices for it and what is available [...]
12. January 2016
Thunderbolt HDMI adapter for the Mac

Connect your iMac or MacBook to a TV using a Thunderbolt / Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter

Recently a reader of my blog asked how he could connect his iMac to a Sony TV with HDMI inputs. This way you can, for example, watch movies on a MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac [...]
9 JULY 2015
2x 8 GB RAM from Crucial

Instructions with video: How to upgrade the RAM on the iMac 5K Retina yourself

Do you want to expand the RAM for your iMac cheaply? This is a good decision that you probably made at the checkout. Because more memory and more powerful components make a big difference in the Apple Store, [...]
18. May 2015
Kensington USB 3.0 HUB photo

Reader's tip: USB 3.0 hub with charging function for iPad and iPhone

I just got an email from Quincy who, as a loyal reader of my blog, is also concerned about the satisfaction of the other readers. He read a recommendation in the Macwelt newsletter about the [...]
3. May 2015
Batmann MacBook Sticker

Cool thing: Batman stickers for the glowing MacBooks

With the [new MacBook-> macbook-12-inch] Apple has apparently done away with the glowing Apple logo. It's a shame, because you could always play nice games with it. Among other things, such chic stickers in which parts are designed to be translucent. They work [...]
April 22, 2015
lost + found folder on the hard drive

What does the lost + found folder do on Mac OS X?

My "Macintosh HD" hard disk has become full again today and I went through the disk with my favorite tool "DaisyDisk" to see what was taking up all the space. I have a folder [...]
14. January 2015
Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock

Thunderbolt Docks in comparison: Elgato, Belkin, Matrox - which one should I use?

Since I've been working on the MacBook Pro retina, I've been toying with buying a Thunderbolt dock for a long time. These small boxes are extremely practical when you have to have various peripherals plugged into the MacBook, but [...]