Mac accessories

2. November 2014
Apple keyboard

The Right iMac Keyboard - Which One Can I Use?

If you order an Apple iMac (no matter which model), the Apple wireless keyword in aluminum design is automatically included. I now also use the wireless keyboard from Apple on my MacBook Pro, because it is simply more pleasant [...]
27. October 2014
BCST-10 barcode scanner from Inateck

USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners for Mac and iOS - my recommendation

The area of ​​application of the barcode scanner is very broad. From a technical point of view, the scanners can be used in any software that waits for keyboard input. The scanners are used in payment systems, warehouse software or in the domestic [...]
27. August 2014
MacBook Air commercial with Grobi

Wacky MacBook stickers - individuality through laptop stickers

You are the proud (of course!) Owner of an Apple MacBook (Pro retina ?!). Maybe it already has a few unsightly scratches on the lid or you want to prevent it from getting that far. An Apple MacBook Decal [...]
4. August 2014
Ricoh Geljet Printer SG 2100N

Ricoh Geljet printer for Mac - color prints at a bargain price

I just stumbled upon an article about geljet printers by accident. It was mentioned in it that this printing technology developed by RICOH represents a kind of best-of of inkjet printers and color laser printers: Quasi the low purchase price of printers, such as [...]
9 JULY 2014
BitTorrent logo

How can I open a .torrent file on a Mac?

Question: How can I open a file with the .torrent extension on a Mac? I have OS X Mavericks and am looking for a program for it ... Answer: Files with the ending ".torrent" are BitTorrent files that are actually only [...]
20. March 2014
Scope of delivery of the G-Drive hard disk

G-Drive 4TB Thunderbolt and USB3 hard drive in the practical test

I was kindly provided with a model of the G-Drive hard drives from G-Technology. Before people say "Ah, he'll get the record and write a positive review for it": No, unfortunately I only have the record [...]
12. February 2014

New from G-Technology: external hard drives with Thunderbolt interface

The target group of the new hard disks from G-Technology is certainly not the "normal" end user, because the external storage media, thanks to the support of the Thunderbolt interface, are more for users who require high data throughput. [...]
27. January 2014
Charge the MacBook Pro with the Bestek voltage converter

Charge the MacBook Pro via the voltage converter via the cigarette lighter

If you want to charge your MacBook Pro on the go - without a socket - then there are basically only two options: Either you take a thick power bank or you use a voltage converter with which you can [...]
26. January 2014
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

The paperless office on the Mac - very easy with the ScanSnap iX500

Perhaps other self-employed people are also familiar with the problem: You urgently need an invoice for a device that you bought several months ago. Unfortunately, the invoices are all in folders with the accountant, who only [...]
15. January 2014
Chug plug additional battery

The Lenmar chug plug: a clever additional battery for Apple MacBooks

Everyone knows that, you are on the move, the battery is weak, there is no power outlet in sight and suddenly the MacBook switches off. The only solution: the hectic search for a socket. At this point […]