Mac accessories

10. May 2021

Leak: New MacBook Air as colorful as the 24-inch iMac?

One of the sources that leaked in advance that the new iMac would appear in different colors is Jon Prosser. With regard to the same information providers as before, the latter has now made the claim that [...]
7. May 2021

iMac or MacBook Pro won't start? That may be the reason!

If the MacBook won't start or the iMac won't turn on, it doesn't have to be caused by irreparable damage or a broken display. Here you will find tips and tricks with which you can [...]
4. May 2021
macOS 11.3.1 security update

macOS 11.3.1 security update for macOS Big Sur closes two critical security holes

Apple just seems to be throwing around with updates. A good week after the macOS 11.3 update, the next macOS Big Sur update arrived. This time it is [...]
April 29, 2021
macOS Big Sur 11.3 update

macOS Big Sur 11.3 update available - you should know that

The new update to macOS 11.3 has been available for the Mac operating system macOS Big Sur for a few days. For me it was only suggested yesterday by the Mac itself and appeared as a red pin on the [...]
April 21, 2021

The new 24 ″ iMac with an M1 chip

The new iMac was presented at yesterday's Apple event. The rumors about its colorful design were confirmed. However, the design is completely new. One of the reasons for this is that the new Apple iMac [...]
April 19, 2021

Apple's “Spring loaded” event: Will there be any new iMac models tomorrow?

Will the first iMac models with “Apple Silicon” SoC hit the market tomorrow? At its April 2021 event, will Apple not only offer a new iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil 3 and the AirTags, but also the [...]
April 19, 2021

Instructions: (De) activate Mac ringing for iPhone calls

If the iPhone and Mac are logged in to the same WLAN, then calls can not only cause a ringing on the computer. They can also be accepted and, for example, guided via a headset. The built-in microphones on the MacBook [...]
April 10, 2021
iCab Browser for Mac

iCab Mac Browser - Fast and Lightweight - Pick of the Week CW15

The pick of the week this time goes to a browser that has been around for what feels like forever: iCab. The iCab browser has been around for over 20 years, but it delights its users [...]
April 5, 2021
Mac app: CPU stress test

Mac app: "CPU Stress Test" takes care of the processor load and drains the battery

Some time ago I had a report in which I described how I can empty the battery of my M1 MacBook Pro halfway quickly. That was quite cumbersome and in retrospect only [...]
April 5, 2021
Multiport USB power supply in the test: LinkOn Ganius

In the test: LinkOn Ganius 136W 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A charger

After I published a test on the Hunda A1903 Multiport USB-C charger with 150 watts a few weeks ago, I got the tip from a reader to get the LinkOn Genius Ganius 166 watt power supply, [...]