Mac accessories

7. March 2021
RAVPower RP-PC144 USB C power supply in the test

Review: RAVPower RP-PC144 30 watt USB-C and USB-A power supply

Lately I have been seeing a lot of USB-C power supplies that I have received for testing purposes. It is currently a small mini power supply from RAVPower with a USB-C and a USB-A port. It is the RP-PC144 [...]
4. March 2021

These Macs support Internet Recovery

The Internet Recovery Mode on the Apple Mac ensures that an operating system compatible with the device is loaded from the Internet and installed. There are various keyboard shortcuts that you can use for example. B. can read here. [...]
2. March 2021

Instructions: Select the EU server location at pCloud + raffle for a lifetime account (sponsor)

With pCloud, a provider of cloud storage, you can choose whether your files and folders should be stored on servers in the European Union or the USA. Due to data protection, it is of course recommended to use the server [...]
2. March 2021

New AUKEY webcam: 1080p camera with HDR and automatic brightness control

AUKEY is currently offering the new model of its HD webcam released in 2021 with a discount voucher. With it you can buy the camera for Mac and PC, which has been redesigned with regard to brightness compensation and High Dynamic Range (HDR) [...]
28. February 2021
CalcTape Mac calculator

Mac app: CalcTape calculates with notes

In the last few months it happened again and again that I had a collective debit from a company on my account and then had to puzzle over by hand which of the existing [...]
26. February 2021

Update to Big Sur 11.2.2 resolves issues with third-party docks and hubs

Apple has rolled out a new update for the Mac, with which you can get the operating system version macOS 11.2.2. This version of the system called "Big Sur" is primarily intended to correct errors that occur when using [...]
24. February 2021
plist files on the Mac

What are plist files on Mac and can I delete and convert them?

The abbreviation “plist” stands for “Property List” and describes a file type that is used under macOS to save information from apps. The following explanation can be found on the Apple support page for developers (translated via DeepL): About [...]
24. February 2021

Razer Kraken - Popular gaming headset with Prime shipping

The Razer brand stands for quality in the gaming sector, in addition to the end device hardware as well as the accessories. In addition to keyboards, mice, mouse pads, streaming equipment, chairs and apps, there are quite popular headset models called "Kraken" [...]
23. February 2021
Mac Safe-Mode clears window size and window positions

Mac tip: Booting Safe-Mode clears the window sizes and positions of apps

I recently came across a tip that could be helpful here and there. The point is that sometimes the windows of an app are placed on the screen in such a way that one [...]
23. February 2021

Fallback Recovery OS - M1-Mac with a new boot trick

In addition to Safe Mode, Recovery Mode and the latter in the Internet version, M1-Macs with “Apple Silicon” can boot in another mode. This should then be used if the other boot tricks do not [...]