Mac accessories

17. February 2021
Book tip: macOS Big Sur picture by picture

Book tip: macOS Big Sur "picture by picture" by Philip Kiefer

A few weeks ago, Markt + Technik Verlag sent me the book "macOS Big Sur picture by picture" by Philip Kiefer so that I could take a look and give my opinion. The […]
16. February 2021
Screen sharing on the Mac with on-board tools

Mac tip: Quick screen sharing with on-board tools

I've had a Mac for several decades now, and yet a customer - who has little idea about the Mac - was able to show me an extremely practical tip recently. It is about the [...]
16. February 2021

Instructions: Boot Mac in Internet Recovery Mode

Booting the Mac in Internet Recovery Mode has the advantage that the computer is then supplied with an operating system downloaded from the Apple server. This can be just as useful on an old Mac, iMac and MacBook as it is on a [...]
16. February 2021

Big Sur Upgrade: "Loss of data due to insufficient disk space" bug seems to have been resolved

Most recently, there was a warning for upgrade versions and betas of macOS 11 Big Sur if there was not enough space on the Mac hard drive. This is because the installer did not perform a hard drive check before the installation. The installation […]
13. February 2021
App does not remember window size and position

Mac Tip: When apps don't remember the size and position of their windows

It rarely happens, but when you have an app that has window amnesia it can drive you crazy. Again and again you have to change the window sizes [...] after starting the program.
1. February 2021
macOS 11.2 Big Sur Update

macOS Big Sur 11.2 update - installation highly recommended

Apple recently provided mobile devices with the latest software version with the iOS update to 14.4. After the update, as far as I know, there were no reports of a deterioration in the battery life or [...]
27. January 2021
Touch Bar gone - changes to the 2021 MacBook Pro

Is Apple working off the user wish list for MacBook Pro models?

It has already been hinted at in some magazines and there was also an article from Sir Apfelot: Apple will probably make major changes to the next MacBook Pro models, which will have a [...]
26. January 2021
ExifRenamer: Rename photos with Exif date

ExifRenamer: Rename photo files according to the EXIF ​​date

I have just discovered - while researching a reader question in the forum - a small, practical tool for the Mac that is particularly suitable for people who have their photos with their own folder structure [...]
25. January 2021

Have your MacBook Air battery replaced with a Sir-Apfelot discount

Do you have an Apple MacBook Air whose battery needs to be replaced? Then I recommend Sadaghian's repair service to you. The specialists from Hamburg offer a professional change of the MacBook battery at a fair price. Other repairs [...]
23. January 2021
Mac app Ejectify

Ejectify: Mandatory app for owners of monitors with a built-in Thunderbolt hub

Today I got an email from the developer Niels Mouthaan, who introduced me to his app Ejectify. The function of the app is quickly explained: Ejectify automatically logs off external hard drives when your Mac is in the [...]