Mac accessories

19. January 2021

MacBook Pro 2021: New design, more ports and MagSafe?

The first MacBook models with Apple Silicon, a Pro and an Air, hit the market as early as 2020. A 2021-inch and a 14-inch model of the MacBook Pro should follow in the third quarter of 16. Both the Apple analyst [...]
14. January 2021
Panic Medic Boot explained simply on the Mac

What is a "Panic Medic Boot" on the Mac?

I was recently sitting at my wife's iMac because her Fusion Drive had disassembled and the message kept coming up that it could not find a boot medium. Since every now and then there is [...]
10. January 2021
In the test: Hunda A1903 USB PD power supply

In the test: Hunda A1903 Multi-Port 2A2C USB power supply with 150 watts

I have already tested a few multiport power supplies, but the Hunda A1903 tops them all in terms of output power. With two USB-C PD ports and two USB-A ports (therefore 2C2A), four devices can be powered [...]
6. January 2021

The Mac App Store turns 10

"Apple announced today that the Mac App Store is now open with more than 1.000 free and paid apps," it said exactly ten years ago in a press release on January 6, 2011. Almost [...]
5. January 2021

Instructions: Whitelist your email address in iCloud

As a provider for receiving e-mails, iCloud sometimes filters very strictly. Sometimes even verification emails from online shops or other sites do not get through. If you don't want to switch to another email address, then [...]
1. January 2021

Mac keyboard shortcuts: Close all windows in a program at once

You probably know the Mac key combination to close an app window (cmd + W). And you probably end programs with a shortcut (cmd + Q). But what if you have all the windows of a program at once [...]
30. December 2020
This is how you quickly empty the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

The fastest way to discharge the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

I didn't think I'd write an article about it one day, but now it has come to that. Apple seems to have solved the battery problem with laptops so well that I already [...]
30. December 2020

Insert Mac app icon in Photoshop / Affinity Photo: Here's how!

If you want to use the app icon of a macOS software in a graphic, there are several ways to do this. For example, you can search for the app icon on the internet. You can also take a screenshot of the dock [...]
29. December 2020

Mac Instructions: Editing Word and Pages Dictionaries

Accidentally added a misspelled word to the Microsoft Word or Apple Pages dictionary? Do you want to delete the wrong entry so that the spelling is displayed as incorrect again, i.e. underlined in red? [...]
28. December 2020

Instructions: Enter slash, backslash and vertical bar on the Mac

If you want to enter a slash, a simple vertical line or a mirrored slash on the Apple Mac, then you need certain key combinations. The slash, which is also called slash and is used, for example, as a divided symbol, as well as the [...]