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6 May 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 18, 2022

Today there is the first Sir Apfelot newsreel in the merry month of May! This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 18 of 2022. Included are this […]
5 May 2022

Apple WWDC22 On-Site Event Ticket Sweepstakes opens May 9, 2022

This year's Apple World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC for short, will take place from June 6th to 10th, 2022. Similar to the past two years, the individual lectures, courses and sessions will be held digitally, so that […]
2 May 2022

Book by Tripp Mickle: How Apple Lost Its Soul After Steve Jobs

Wall Street Journal writer Tripp Mickle, in his new book After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul, charts the evolution of the iPhone-making company after Steve Jobs died.
29 April 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 17, 2022

The last Sir Apfelot newsreel for this month is coming up. This time it's all about the Apple and tech news that caught my eye in week 17 of 2022. It is today again […]
28 April 2022

Circulee - Processed technology for companies with environmental awareness

Today the offer of the startup Circulee officially starts, which processes and cleans technology purchased from company stocks and sells it to other companies with a one-year guarantee as "Green IT". On offer at the start of the online […]
22 April 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 16, 2022

Oh, it's Friday again. Then welcome to a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time, let's take a look at the Apple and tech news I got in week 16 of 2022.
21 April 2022
Recognize fake news with ground news helps to identify fake news - pick of week 09

With the coverage of the Ukraine war - er, sorry, during Russia's "special operation" - a lot of fake news also came to the screen. And the false reports that are spread for tactical reasons […]
15 April 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 15, 2022

Even during the Easter weekend, Friday is not free from the Sir Apfelot newsreel. In this article I will show you which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 15 of 2022. [...]
8 April 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 14, 2022

This week Apple announced the date for this year's World Wide Developers Conference as well as some information about it (here are the details). But there was some other tech news as well. That's why […]
6 April 2022

Swift Student Challenge - Coding Contest runs until April 25, 2022

Yesterday Apple announced the date of WWDC 2022 and in the same breath also initiated the third Swift Student Challenge. The competition is open to students around the world who are using the Swift […]