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12. October 2020
Apple Watch update to watchOS 7.0.2

Apple distributes watchOS 7.0.2 and fixes battery and EKG problems

Apparently, not all people at Apple are in a hurry because of the keynote that we expect tomorrow on October 13.10.2020th, XNUMX. A few developers took their time and released a watchOS update, which was released the day before the [...]
12. October 2020
Spotify vs. SongShift Export

Spotify is taking action against apps and services for exporting playlists

Whether it is a smart move remains to be seen, but the fact is that the streaming provider Spotify is actively taking action against services and apps that enable the transfer of Spotify playlists to other music streaming providers. Well-known example: SongShift [...]
12. October 2020

Coronavirus: list of maps, apps, links and more

It is there, the “second wave” of Covid-19 infections long predicted by the experts. After the vacation months and with the start of the wet and cold season, the number of cases increases across Germany, although not significantly more than usual [...]
11. October 2020
The cyber primer from the BSI

BSI and DsiN publish cyber primer for more competence on the Internet

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and Germany Safe in the Net (DsiN) have published a cyber primer with which they want to give consumers more knowledge about the digital world. The work is available as [...]
9. October 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 41, 2020

A weekend full of excitement is just around the corner, but first there is a new Sir Apfelot newsreel. Before the new iPhone 12 is presented on Tuesday, let's take a look at the [...]
8. October 2020

App Store Connect: New functions for iOS developers

The Apple app called App Store Connect, which iOS developers can use to manage their creations, has received an update. This is done on iPhones and iPads on which it is installed, including a new, spatial [...]
6. October 2020

Apple event confirmed on October 13th: iPhone 12, AirTag, HomePod Mini?

Apple has confirmed the rumors about the new event date - it is October 13, 2020. The broadcast of the pre-recorded presentation will take place again from the Apple Park in Cupertino. That it is a live event [...]
6. October 2020

Up-to-date again: Mactracker 7.9.6 with new devices and systems

The free Mactracker app for iPhone and Mac offers a comprehensive dictionary of Apple devices and systems. The directory created by developer Ian Page not only lists currently available devices, but also [...]
5. October 2020

The ninth anniversary of Steve Jobs's death

Today, October 5th, 2020, it will be nine years since Steve Jobs passed away. He died of complications from cancer the day after the iPhone 4s was unveiled. Apple continues to hold [...]
5. October 2020

Greg Joswiak listed as part of the Apple management team

In August, it was announced that Apple's longtime Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, was leaving his post. The successor was already known: Greg Joswiak. This has recently been on [...]