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26. March 2019

Apple TV + streaming service officially announced for fall 2019

The rumor mill in the run-up to yesterday's It's show time keynote from Apple was particularly concerned with one topic: the streaming service for films, series and documentaries. There has also been speculation about the name, for example Apple Video. Now is […]
26. March 2019

Apple Arcade - gaming subscription for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

In addition to other services from Apple, the technology giant from Cupertino also presented a new gaming app subscription at yesterday's It's show time keynote: Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is based on the knowledge that games [...]
26. March 2019

Apple Card - Apple Pay now with your own credit card

At yesterday's It's show time keynote from Apple in the Steve Jobs Theater, according to the title, it was not just about entertainment and media. Other services were also addressed. Among them was, for example, Apple Pay, [...]
26. March 2019

Apple News + - Over 300 magazines in digital collective subscription

As part of yesterday's “It's show time” keynote, Apple presented some new services for its customers in the Steve Jobs Theater. This also included an extension for the news app. Under the name Apple News + (spoken: [...]
22. March 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 12 2019

It's the Friday before the eagerly anticipated “It's show time” keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park in Cupertino. And to this day, numerous reports about Apple have been collected. Next […]
22. March 2019

Apple and the charging cable gate - my opinion on it ...

The EU, however much it is criticized for some things, advocates international solutions in many modern questions. This also applies to technical developments and solutions in order to make them understandable [...]
19. March 2019

Apple iPad Air 2019 - Technical details, pictures and price

With the slogan “Not only pros need power”, Apple has released its new iPad Air. As the motto suggests, the Apple iPad Air 2019 has an A12 chip, which is from the last iPad [...]
19. March 2019

Apple iPad mini (5th generation, 2019) - Technical details, pictures and price

With the slogan “Made for big things”, Apple has released its new iPad mini with a 7,9 inch display. The Apple iPad mini 2019 is - just like the new iPad Air - with an A12 Bionic Chip [...]
15. March 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 11 2019

Before the weekend starts, there is the Sir Apfelot newsreel at this point as usual. That means, I'll show you Apple and tech news in one short paragraph each, which I received in the last [...]
13. March 2019

Mistake seen: Sparkasse will introduce Apple Pay in 2019

After Apple Pay arrived in Germany in 2018, there was a lot of positive feedback. However, it was precisely the Sparkasse, a credit institution that many used in Germany, refused to link the Girocard (formerly [...]