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13. November 2017
Headphones with charging cradle and replacement battery, battery replacement, exchange, wireless headset

Syllable D9X - Wireless Bluetooth Headphones as Apple AirPods Alternative?

Over a year ago I showed you the Syllable D900 MINI Bluetooth headphones without cables, but with an in-ear structure. The cordless headset solution can be used to a certain extent as an alternative to the Apple AirPods [...]
8. November 2017
The best hard drives 2017 Q3 - 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB

Statistics of the best hard drives from Backblaze Q3 / 2017

Backblaze, a provider of online backups, publishes quarterly statistics on the hard drives used. The storage facilities are getting bigger and bigger, but also more and more reliable thanks to constantly updated checks as well as replacement and maintenance. Most recently, the online backup service provider [...]
6. November 2017
Lack of security with the face recognition of the Apple smartphone 2017?

Face ID Bug: Relatives can (not) unlock iPhone X.

There were recently several reports on the Reddit platform that the Face ID of the Apple iPhone X, which is actually so secure, is being used by relatives - for example with siblings, but also with parents and children - as [...]
18. October 2017

KRACK: Vulnerability in WPA2 protocol (WLAN security hole)

KRACK is the name of a current WLAN security gap that results from a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol. The abbreviation stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 and thus actually for a security standard in Wifi networks of the IEEE [...]
16. October 2017
Learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS online

WOZ U - education. Reprogrammed.

Inspired by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer, an online educational program called WOZ U was created. According to the creators, it is designed to offer technology and related careers that [...]
13. October 2017
The Mac Trojan "Retefe" is hiding, among other things, in an alleged update under OS X or macOS. The malware targets online banking data that is used on the Apple computer. Image: GovCERT

Retefe trojan: targeting German Mac users

The banking Trojan Retefe is now also targeting German Mac users. After the malicious program, which is supposed to tap sensitive data for cyber criminals, was distributed mainly in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and partly in Great Britain, [...]
6. October 2017
Netflix price increase 2017 DE AT higher tariff pricing models

Netflix is ​​increasing subscription prices for two tariffs

After Netflix made a price increase for streaming subscriptions in the USA, prices are now also increasing in Germany and Austria. In two out of three current tariffs there is an increase in costs, which [...]
29. September 2017

Presale: New Xiaomi Smart Robot vacuum robot with wiping function

From the smart device manufacturer Xiaomi, who works on intelligent household appliances together with Roborock, the new version of the Xiaomi Smart Robot vacuum robot will be launched in November 2017. The new generation of the vacuum cleaner robot, which here and there [...]
29. September 2017

GoPro Karma Drone v2.00 - Update with new functions

With regard to the action cam manufacturer GoPro, there is currently some interesting news that not only affects the new GoPro HERO 6 Black, but also the GoPro Karma drone. A year ago, the more or [...]
29. September 2017

GoPro Hero 6 Black is out!

The new GoPro Hero 6 Black action camera is out, and it brings a lot of new specs and functions. If you have the technical data, the range of functions, the price and the sources of supply for the new action [...]