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31. August 2017
Apple Event on September 12, 2017: Let's meet at our place! iPhone 8

Apple Event on September 12, 2017: Let's meet at our place! (Short message)

It's official: the date of this year's September keynote from Apple with the presentation of the new iPhone 8, the iMac Pro, iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, maybe an Apple Watch Series 3 and many more [...]
31. August 2017
Detect pancreatic cancer by selfie, smartphone as a diagnostic aid

BiliScreen App detects pancreatic cancer and jaundice with a selfie

A new app from the University of Washington called BiliScreen measures the yellow value in the sclera, the white, visible part of the eye, in order to detect pancreatic cancer, among other things. Because not only is a yellow discoloration of the "dermis" [...]
30. August 2017

Apple iPhone 8 - what we know so far ... (rumors)

The iPhone 8 will be introduced soon, even if we don't yet know exactly when the date for the Apple September Keynote 2017 will be. But before we can be certain, I would like to introduce the iPhone [...]
24. August 2017
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iPhone 7s: Apple September Keynote with several smartphone models?

Lately there have been many rumors about the iPhone 8, its appearance, features and possibly the lack of innovations (such as the foldable display), and in the last few days there have been reports about a possible iPhone 7s. [...]
23. August 2017
After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 cannot find any printer and every print fails with an error message.

Be careful when updating to Parallels Desktop 13 - problems with all printers under Windows 7

Today I updated my Mac to Parallels Desktop 13, which was only released a few days ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature because - as was the case with the update [...]
23. August 2017

Google with its own “AirPods”: wireless headphones called Bisto

According to information from 9to5Google and other platforms, Google headphones are currently being developed under the name Bisto, which are to be wirelessly connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and thus also to Google voice assistance. On the competing product [...]
23. August 2017

Gamescom News: Age of Empires IV officially announced

At Gamescom 2017, Microsoft presented the fourth part of the AoE game series for the 20th anniversary of the game, officially confirming rumors about an Age of Empires IV. In addition to the exclusive, new title of the Age of [...]
21. August 2017
Haste Mac App, Download, Beta, Set Search Macros,

Haste for Apple Mac: App with macros for web search

Haste is a Mac app for OS X and macOS that offers individual settings for personalized web searches, so to speak macros for researching Google, Wikipedia, Amazon and Co. Especially if you are in the [...]
15. August 2017
Order cheap Apple smartphones, certified and refurbished

Buy iPhone cheap: where the Apple smartphone is cheaper

If you want to buy the iPhone cheaper, then you should move away from the official Apple Store and look for other reputable sources for cheaper smartphones. Sure, the current iPhone 7 (Plus) will still [...]
14. August 2017

A aaaa Very Good Song: Special “song” for the iPhone in the iTunes charts

With A aaaa Very Good Song I would like to briefly introduce you to current Apple news and a simultaneously clever “work around” that could be of particular interest to iPhone users who use the Apple smartphone [...]