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23th of June 2021

Bismuth: Fascinating metal could power electronic devices

The chemical element bismuth, which is also called bismuth, has the atomic number 83 in the periodic table. It melts at 271,3 ° C and when it cools down quickly, it forms rectangular crystals. Surely you know this as if by chance [...]
18th of June 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 24, 2021

Summer is coming relentlessly to the local climes, which is why it is worthwhile to take a look at laptop coolers and fans. Another look should also be the Apple and Tech News, which [...]
15th of June 2021

Features in iOS 15 that require an iPhone XR, XS or later

The iPhone operating system iOS 15, which was introduced last week and will be rolled out as an update for compatible devices in autumn 2021, brings with it various new features and options. You can use iOS 15 on all devices that [...]
14th of June 2021

Apple WWDC21 Recap - That was Developer Week

This year's Apple World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC21, has come to an end. A week ago it started with a keynote at which the new operating systems were presented. Then there were workshops, One on One [...]
11th of June 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 23, 2021

It is the week of Apple WWDC21 and accordingly the Sir Apfelot newsreel will also revolve around this topic. In addition to the World Wide Developers Conference, there were also a few [...]
11th of June 2021

Backup trends: data loss figures, backup frequency and more

A backup on Mac, PC and mobile devices such as the iPhone secures data in the event that it is lost due to a hardware failure, a virus or ransomware. Should the currently used memory [...]
8th of June 2021

Is my Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 8?

WatchOS 8 brings new functions and uses for the Apple Watch. Apple demonstrated this impressively yesterday during the WWDC21 keynote. But is my Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 8? Which smartwatches from Apple [...]
7th of June 2021

WWDC21 Keynote Summary: New Systems, No Hardware

The kick-off event of this year's World Wide Developers Conference was broadcast and the news about the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS was published. It was another creative video that lasted for an hour [...]
7th of June 2021

Stream of the WWDC21 Keynote - This is how you follow the broadcast from Apple Park

The World Wide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC21) starts today and is traditionally opened by Apple with a keynote. In this country, this kick-off presentation starts at 19:00 p.m. and can be followed live via various channels. Because it […]
1th of June 2021

USB-C 2.1 update brings "Extended Power Range" with up to 240 watts

There is a new official license for USB-C connectors, ports and cables. The new technology behind it should, among other things, allow a power of 240 W. With a correspondingly powerful power supply unit, numerous devices could be [...]