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17 JULY 2017

Move to iOS: Apple launches switch campaign to get Android users excited about the iPhone

The Apple advertising campaign “Switch”, which has been running in the USA for some time, has now also arrived in Germany and is intended to encourage Android users to use an iPhone with iOS. The benefits of the iPhone are just as much [...]
14 JULY 2017

AUKEY Prime Week Deals on Amazon: Weekend discounts

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, the Amazon Prime Day took place with many deals, discounts, offers and bargains - there were also offers from the technology manufacturer AUKEY. From this I have a list with [...]
13 JULY 2017

AUKEY Prime Week Deals on Amazon: July 13, 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017 is over, but as part of Prime Week, which runs until Sunday, there are still offers from Amazon itself and from individual retailers. Discounts and Deals [...]
12 JULY 2017

SetApp in German: Program flat rate officially in German from today

The software company MacPaw, which is behind programs such as CleanMyMac or Gemini, released the "Netflix for software" called SetApp in January. There are currently 78 apps in the software collection for macOS. The monthly costs are [...]
12 JULY 2017

AUKEY Prime Week Deals on Amazon: July 12, 2017

Yesterday I showed you which gadgets, cables and devices AUKEY made cheaper for Amazon Prime Day. Since the promotions around yesterday's Amazon Prime Day will continue until Sunday, the 16th [...]
11 JULY 2017

Technology deals on Amazon Prime Day 2017 from AUKEY

The high-quality and in many ways recommendable technology manufacturer AUKEY kindly gave me its deal list for the Amazon Prime Day 2017, which started yesterday and is still running today. In this post I would like to [...]
11 JULY 2017

Data theft: 500 million email addresses + passwords tracked down by the BKA

According to its own information, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has succeeded in finding access data on a so-called underground economy platform. These are around 500.000.000 email addresses and passwords. It can be assumed that with the platform one side [...]
10 JULY 2017

Koogeek WLAN light bulb for the Smart Home with Apple HomeKit and Siri

Since the beginning of the month you have been getting the smart Koogeek E27 WLAN lightbulb with the designation PWM6411651403961EO on Amazon, which works via WLAN directly without a bridge with the Apple HomeKit and Siri. The control of the new [...]
3 JULY 2017

Great Ball Contraption with 200+ modules moves Lego balls through the exhibition hall

Brickworld Chicago, a Lego Convention that was held on June 17 and 18, 2017, showed a Great Ball Contraption (GBC), a large device in which Lego balls are moved automatically. The partly motor-driven, partly [...]
3 JULY 2017

Is WhatsApp illegal and am I threatened with a warning as a user?

Do WhatsApp users act illegally because they agree to the terms and conditions of the app for iOS and Android and thus send the data of their contacts to WhatsApp Inc. in California, USA? This question is currently being asked [...]