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30th of June 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017 - Deals on July 10th and 11th

Yesterday Amazon officially announced Prime Day 2017 and released a lot of information about it. In addition to savings offers for Prime members, this bargain day, which incidentally is supposed to last 30 hours, is sure to generate a lot of income for the mail order company. [...]
28th of June 2017

Google Wifi in Germany: Mesh network from the global player

With Google Wifi, the search engine giant wants to offer a system for a closer-meshed WiFi (mesh network) in houses and apartments. The smart repeaters, which are sold individually, in double and triple packs under the name Google Wifi, should [...]
28th of June 2017

Nintendo SNES Classic Mini: retro console with 21 games

In June 2017, Nintendo presented the SNES Classic Mini, a new retro console for fans of pixelated games from the 90s. 21 games will be preinstalled on the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini - including [...]
19th of June 2017

Ataribox: Atari with new console "Coming Soon" - a fake?

Atari has vaguely announced its return with the Ataribox, a console that may be released for Christmas 2017, with a 21-second video. And yes: it is Atari, the game console giant celebrated in the 1980s, [...]
16th of June 2017

MacRansom: Ransomware for macOS found on the Darknet

Ransomware for macOS or OS X on the Apple Mac, iMac, and MacBook is not very common, but neither is it impossible. The malware that blocks files or even the entire hard drive in order to be released [...]
8th of June 2017

Study: The Most Reliable Hard Drives at Backblaze Online Backup Service

The most reliable hard drives for backing up data are chosen every year by Backblaze, a respected cloud service. Last year I presented you with an evaluation of the numbers up to Q1 2016: The best hard drives [...]
7th of June 2017

Update for Apple iMac: News from Apple WWDC 2017

The day before yesterday, the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote took place, at which, in addition to macOS High Sierra, the new and revised models of iMac and Mac were presented. Also iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad as well as tvOS, watchOS, [...]
6th of June 2017

Affinity Photo iPad App: Image editing under iOS 10.3+ / iOS 11

Serif from Great Britain has been causing a sensation since 2015 with Affinity Photo, a very good Photoshop alternative - first on the Mac with macOS, then in 2016 on Windows on PC and now as an iPad app for iOS. [...]
6th of June 2017

iOS 11: News from Apple WWDC 2017

With the keynote at the start of the Apple WWDC 2017, which took place yesterday on June 5, 2017 at 19:00 p.m. Central European Summer Time, the new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad as well as the new [...]
2th of June 2017

Pre-order the Loupedeck: Buy a mixer for Lightroom

Loupedeck is the name of a control console for Adobe Lightroom, which is reminiscent of a mixer and wants to compete with big names like Palette Gear. You can pre-order Loupedeck since yesterday. What do you think about the market launch of the tool [...]