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15 December 2017

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple- & Tech-News of KW50 2017

The year 2017 is coming to an end with great strides, but here at we are not slowing down, but are going one better with a new, regular format. The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau brings you from today [...]
13 December 2017
IOS and tvOS 11.2.1 offer some bug fixes such as reactivating remote guest access in HomeKit.

Apple released iOS 11.2.1 and tvOS 11.2.1 and released remote guest access in Homekit again

Unusually for Apple, the updates for the iOS and tvOS devices are currently published relatively quickly one after the other. After the last one, the bug with the endless reboot loop on the iPhone (boot loop) and an error in HomeKit for [...]
13 December 2017

MyEtherWallet: eWallet iOS app for cryptocurrency is a fake

As reported by the crypto magazine ETHNews, among others, there was again an imitation of the digital ether wallet "MyEtherWallet", which is also often abbreviated to the Pokémon name MEW. In the Apple App Store there were [...]
12 December 2017

Blog parade: Your experience with household robots (+ competition!)

Shortly before Christmas, Sir Apfelot comes around the corner with a promising blog parade! Because not only will this and other blogs be about experiences with household robots and [...]
11 December 2017
Ataribox can be pre-ordered from December 14.12.2017th, XNUMX

Pre-order the Ataribox: From December 14, 2017!

“Let the games begin”, the Ataribox team is currently writing by email to everyone who has signed up for the newsletter for the new Atari console in good time. Furthermore, it says "It's time!" - and then it is announced that [...]
11 December 2017

Nintendo Classic Mini SNES available again on Amazon (short message)

You can now - shortly before Christmas 2017 - order the retro console Nintendo Classic Mini SNES again from Amazon. After the quick sell-out, the launch of the Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System with 21 pre-installed [...]
8 December 2017
DJI deal, offer, discount, voucher, buy cheap camera drone

DJI Select: Premium service when buying drones

DJI Select is the premium service package for everyone who would like to buy a professional drone from China. When buying the first DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Spark, Mavic Pro or Inspire, you should buy the Select program [...]
13 November 2017

No more free app of the week (short message)

Some of you may already know, for others it is new: With the new Apple App Store for iOS 11, Apple is no longer offering a free app of the week. There are still highlighted [...]
13 November 2017
Headphones with charging cradle and replacement battery, battery replacement, exchange, wireless headset

Syllable D9X - Wireless Bluetooth Headphones as Apple AirPods Alternative?

Over a year ago I showed you the Syllable D900 MINI Bluetooth headphones without cables, but with an in-ear structure. The cordless headset solution can be used to a certain extent as an alternative to the Apple AirPods [...]
8 November 2017
The best hard drives 2017 Q3 - 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB

Statistics of the best hard drives from Backblaze Q3 / 2017

Backblaze, a provider of online backups, publishes quarterly statistics on the hard drives used. The storage facilities are getting bigger and bigger, but also more and more reliable thanks to constantly updated checks as well as replacement and maintenance. Most recently, the online backup service provider [...]