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26. October 2016

IBM explains why Macs aren't that expensive - at least for businesses

According to Business Insider, Fletcher Previn, the "IT Guy" from IBM, has transformed the company that invented the PC into an "Apple Mac House". This saves the company a lot of costs, even if the purchase of the [...]
21. October 2016
Stiftung Warentest 2016 apple samsung huawei

Stiftung Warentest: iPhone 7 Plus behind Samsung Galaxy S7 in the list of mobile phones in 2016

Stiftung Warentest has again tested numerous smartphones and cell phones, including the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. In first place, however, is the Samsung Galaxy S7. It almost had the [...]
18. October 2016
iphone 7 plus performance performance differences benchmark heise test memory prices screenshot heise-de

Mac & i Benchmark: The less memory in the iPhone, the less performance

The specialist website deals with various Apple topics in its Mac & i area. The boys and girls on the site, which is also available as a print product, recently examined various iPhone models for their performance. The result […]
14. October 2016
apple us patent apple watch series 3 gesture control hand gestures wrist movement control bb watchos 4

New Apple patent for the Apple Watch Series 3: gesture control

Gesture control for the Apple Watch - I recently introduced you to a new Apple patent that could make the iPhone 8 more innovative. Now there are reports again about a new Apple patent. This concerns "on the wrist [...]
7. October 2016
samsung viv labs apple siri google pixel ai artificial intelligence

Battle of the intelligences: Samsung buys Viv; and with it the knowledge of Siri?

Shortly after Siri's 5th birthday, it became known: the Korean technology company Samsung has bought Viv Labs, the successor to Siri Inc. that made Apple's voice assistant possible in the first place. After last [...]
5. October 2016
apple patent 2016 september iphone 8 fingerprint sensor 2017

New Apple patent for the iPhone 8: Scan your fingerprint on the entire display

A new patent from Apple is simmering the ongoing rumors about the integration of the home button in the display. It looks as if the user's fingerprint is no longer just sent to [...]
4. October 2016
siri 2011 iphone 4s 5 years 2016 iphone 7 macos sierra birthday story voice assistant apple phil schiller tim cook

Siri turns 5: Apple's voice recognition with assistance function is celebrating its birthday

Exactly 5 years ago today, on October 4th 2011, Siri was introduced to the world. Apple's speech recognition, which can process not only individual words but also entire sentences - and above all questions - [...]
4. October 2016
gotenna mesh data sheet comparison models new 2016 kickstarter news without network wifi mobile radio own cell phone network

goTenna Mesh: set up your own cellular network with friends

The goTenna Mesh is the latest model from the US-based company goTenna. The boys and girls there have set themselves the goal of creating their own mobile networks for end users. How do you with the [...]
30. September 2016
appygeek appy geek sir applelot apple news

Sir Apfelot goes Appy Geek: Apple news and nerd stuff now also via app

Appy Geek is an app for all friends of technology, digital solutions and news in the field of hardware and software. You could also call Appy Geek the nerd section of the News Republic, a high-quality [...]
28. September 2016
Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner software with problems under macOS Sierra

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner with problems under macOS Sierra

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know how much I love my ScanSnap iX500. The feeder scanner is absolutely user-friendly and works with me every day in the office. For this reason, so far I have also [...]