The omniscient garbage dump

Who doesn't know them from the series "Fraggles"? The omniscient garbage dump - too English "all-knowing, all-seeing trash heap "- is the oracle of the Fraggles. If it is not clear again what to do or how to solve a problem, then the little ones turn to" Marjorie "- because that's the name the omniscient garbage dump, which is actually a compost heap. But the way to the Fraggle oracle is not that easy, because it is right behind the castle of the Gorgs - who are known to like to eat fraggles. For everyone who doesn't know Marjorie, I have one here small youtube video:

Well, anyway, for me the category with "nonsense worth knowing" is simply called "omniscient garbage dump", because it was just a good fit. This is where everything ends up that I find exciting, but that I can't classify anywhere else. :)

The omniscient garbage dump - instructions for your everyday life with Mac and iPhone

Sometimes it's the little things that make you despair. The user is not displayed in the device, data input does not work as it should, or you have already forgotten how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. You can bring these and all other challenges with the operation of Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X and macOS to me and throw them on the omniscient garbage dump! She will swallow it, digest it, and give out a simple solution to it.

The operation of Apple Mac, iPhone and more

In order to really get the most out of your devices, sometimes only very simple key combinations are necessary - you just have to know how it all works! Sir Apfelot is the perfect address for these tips. Ask me your questions, as special as they may be, or let my user tips inspire you. I own all kinds of Apple products and have been a fan and user "from the very beginning". Solving problems is my hobby and teasing out the full potential of Apple devices is my mission.

Learn about topics like special characters on Mac, revealing hidden files, security tricks, and hacks for solving everyday problems with Apple, Mac, and more.

April 18, 2018

Reader's question: Some keys on the Mac / MacBook no longer work

If certain keys on the Mac or on the MacBook keyboard no longer work and texts can no longer be written, then this can be a real problem. I recently asked a reader about [...]
April 12, 2018
Done. Call waiting is switched off!

Instructions: Turn off annoying call waiting when making calls via the Telekom connection

I've known the "call waiting" feature for a while now. However, my (certainly less common!) Analog connection here in the country has a special form of knocking. Normally it only does [...] in the background when making calls.
April 10, 2018
Strange clipboard behavior on Mac? The solution to your problem could be found here.

Mac: clipboard with copy and paste no longer works

Some functions are used so naturally on the Mac that at first one is very puzzled when they no longer work. For example, the "copy and paste" function in my calendar today. I have myself, […]
April 10, 2018

Apple Watch Remote: Watch as a remote control for iTunes and Apple TV

If you want to get even more smart workflow out of the Apple Watch at home, then you can relatively easily use the Apple Watch as a remote control for Apple TV and iTunes. Information on the coupling of tvOS and watchOS [...]
April 9, 2018

Major Mac file systems: APFS, Mac OS Extended (HFS +), and exFAT

Up to macOS 10.12 Sierra, the Apple operating system for Mac, iMac and MacBook uses the HFS + file system by default - from 10.13 High Sierra it is APFS. But which Mac file systems are also important, for example for [...]
April 4, 2018

Google Chrome setting: Turn off notifications

If you use Google Chrome on the Apple Mac, iMac, MacBook or iPhone or on the Windows PC or an Android smartphone, you will be asked on some websites whether they can send you notifications. Want […]
28. March 2018

Ctrl + Alt + Del on the Mac: How to get to the macOS "Task Manager"

If you are looking for the task manager on the Apple Mac under macOS, which you can find under Microsoft Windows using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del (Control, Alt, Remove), then you will definitely fail. Certainly somewhere a [...]
27. March 2018

How do I enter the backslash on the Mac?

If you have to use the backslash in word processing, when writing code, as a stylistic device or for any other purpose, then you will look in vain for the corresponding key on Apple products. The combination of backslash and Mac keyboard allows [...]
21. March 2018

What does the abbreviation mAh mean?

When it comes to batteries, a power bank, the battery of an Apple iPhone or MacBook, DJI drones, cameras or other mobile devices and their power supply, the abbreviation mAh [...] is often used here in the blog and elsewhere.
21. March 2018

Selling a DJI drone - How to delete your flight data from the copter

When commissioning a DJI drone, you have to register it and usually you also couple it with an app on the smartphone or tablet. A lot of data is exchanged, a user account is created and flight data is recorded. [...]