The omniscient garbage dump

Who doesn't know them from the series "Fraggles"? The omniscient garbage dump - too English "all-knowing, all-seeing trash heap "- is the oracle of the Fraggles. If it is not clear again what to do or how to solve a problem, then the little ones turn to" Marjorie "- because that's the name the omniscient garbage dump, which is actually a compost heap. But the way to the Fraggle oracle is not that easy, because it is right behind the castle of the Gorgs - who are known to like to eat fraggles. For everyone who doesn't know Marjorie, I have one here small youtube video:

Well, anyway, for me the category with "nonsense worth knowing" is simply called "omniscient garbage dump", because it was just a good fit. This is where everything ends up that I find exciting, but that I can't classify anywhere else. :)

The omniscient garbage dump - instructions for your everyday life with Mac and iPhone

Sometimes it's the little things that make you despair. The user is not displayed in the device, data input does not work as it should, or you have already forgotten how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. You can bring these and all other challenges with the operation of Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X and macOS to me and throw them on the omniscient garbage dump! She will swallow it, digest it, and give out a simple solution to it.

The operation of Apple Mac, iPhone and more

In order to really get the most out of your devices, sometimes only very simple key combinations are necessary - you just have to know how it all works! Sir Apfelot is the perfect address for these tips. Ask me your questions, as special as they may be, or let my user tips inspire you. I own all kinds of Apple products and have been a fan and user "from the very beginning". Solving problems is my hobby and teasing out the full potential of Apple devices is my mission.

Learn about topics like special characters on Mac, revealing hidden files, security tricks, and hacks for solving everyday problems with Apple, Mac, and more.

18. August 2017

Apple Mac volume: calibrate finer under OS X and macOS

At this point a short guide for those of you for whom the Apple Mac volume control in OS X and macOS on Mac, iMac and MacBook is too coarse. Because in addition to the 16 steps, in [...]
9. August 2017
Mac computer HDD and SSD separate, disconnect, disconnect

Mac Instructions: Disconnect or undo Fusion Drive

Some time ago I showed you how to create a Fusion Drive, and now I thought that some users of the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook would disconnect the Fusion Drive [...]
4. August 2017
Assign file types to an app, Apple Mac, iMac, MacBook

Change default program on Mac: Define program for file type

If you always want to open certain files or file types with a certain program on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X and macOS, then you can set this quite easily. That works once [...]
3. August 2017

Cocoon GRID-IT put to the test: organizational aid for office, hand luggage and leisure

The Cocoon GRID-IT organization aid is a great solution for cables, pens, adapters, cell phones, smartphones and other accessories that you want to transport, but which should not fly around in your backpack or bag. I have the organizational system from [...]
2. August 2017

Delete WhatsApp contacts: step by step instructions

Deleting contacts on WhatsApp can sometimes be necessary, and I would like to show you how to remove a contact. After all, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger for iOS and Android, and WhatsApp Web can [...]
31 JULY 2017
Apple Music is Apple's music streaming service, which is usually billed on a monthly basis (Image:

Switch Apple Music to an annual subscription and save costs for two months

Apple recently changed its internal billing so that instead of the mandatory monthly Apple Music subscription (for normal mortals EUR 9,99 per month), you can switch to an annual subscription. For the annual subscription [...]
24 JULY 2017
Router freedom

Own FRITZ! Box with an existing connection: Free choice of router with Unitymedia and Co.

Router freedom - If you want to connect your own router, such as an AVM FRITZ! Box, to an existing cable connection, then there are two or three things to consider. From Unitymedia to Vodafone Kabel Deutschland to primacom [...]
21 JULY 2017

Artificial intelligence from Google creates new AI systems - opportunities and threats

Admittedly, it has been a while since Google pointed out in its research blog that its own artificial intelligence was used to create a new AI. However, one should not only [...]
19 JULY 2017
How to check and delete Wordpress Cron entries, I'll show you in this guide.

Delete WordPress cron events completely and check open WP cron events

Today I had the case again that I had a customer's WordPress site that ran agonizingly slow despite being hosted on a "managed server". When calling the WP-Admin you could see that he was always [...]
5 JULY 2017

Autostart on Apple Mac: Call up programs when macOS starts up

If you want to edit the autostart on your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, i.e. add or remove programs that are started when OS X or macOS is started, then you've come to the right place! In […]