The omniscient garbage dump

Who doesn't know them from the series "Fraggles"? The omniscient garbage dump - too English "all-knowing, all-seeing trash heap "- is the oracle of the Fraggles. If it is not clear again what to do or how to solve a problem, then the little ones turn to" Marjorie "- because that's the name the omniscient garbage dump, which is actually a compost heap. But the way to the Fraggle oracle is not that easy, because it is right behind the castle of the Gorgs - who are known to like to eat fraggles. For everyone who doesn't know Marjorie, I have one here small youtube video:

Well, anyway, for me the category with "nonsense worth knowing" is simply called "omniscient garbage dump", because it was just a good fit. This is where everything ends up that I find exciting, but that I can't classify anywhere else. :)

The omniscient garbage dump - instructions for your everyday life with Mac and iPhone

Sometimes it's the little things that make you despair. The user is not displayed in the device, data input does not work as it should, or you have already forgotten how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. You can bring these and all other challenges with the operation of Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X and macOS to me and throw them on the omniscient garbage dump! She will swallow it, digest it, and give out a simple solution to it.

The operation of Apple Mac, iPhone and more

In order to really get the most out of your devices, sometimes only very simple key combinations are necessary - you just have to know how it all works! Sir Apfelot is the perfect address for these tips. Ask me your questions, as special as they may be, or let my user tips inspire you. I own all kinds of Apple products and have been a fan and user "from the very beginning". Solving problems is my hobby and teasing out the full potential of Apple devices is my mission.

Learn about topics like special characters on Mac, revealing hidden files, security tricks, and hacks for solving everyday problems with Apple, Mac, and more.

6. October 2016
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

iTunes and App Store: How to return apps and cancel purchases

You have loaded a faulty app, the downloaded song is not the correct version or the film will not play under any circumstances? Then you don't have to pay for these media [...]
4. October 2016
apple iphone 6s replace battery replace battery set screwdriver iphone open ifixit teardown

Changing the iPhone 6s battery: Replace the iPhone battery yourself

The Apple iPhone 6s has been in the hands of most users for around a year now, which has certainly weakened the battery when it is used excessively. Does the energy dispenser of the iPhone slowly but surely [...]
29. September 2016
Operate the second iPhone with the Telekom MultiSIM card.

Activate the second iPhone for sending SMS with the Telekom MultiSIM card

Whenever you get your new iPhone, you always think about what to do with the old one. I have currently ordered a multi-SIM card from Telekom for my second iPhone so that I can continue to use it as a [...]
26. September 2016
macos sierra usb stick install format boot bootable usb stick os x

Bootable USB stick: Install macOS Sierra from the USB medium

I have already explained in detail how you can create a bootable USB stick for OS X; This article is about macOS Sierra on a USB stick. Given the [...]
15. September 2016
Temperature warning due to overheating: iPhone too hot!

Apple iPhone Overheating - What Can You Do?

I have to admit, it only happened once that the Apple iPhone went on strike because of overheating. That was in the summer when I left it in the car and this was then caused by the sun's rays [...]
18. August 2016
Create a bootable USB stick on the Mac: when deleting, please select OS X Extended as the format and GUID as the scheme

Make USB stick bootable: Create a bootable USB stick for Mac and PC

Making a USB stick bootable is not a sideline task; but it is doable. Booting the PC or Mac with a USB stick can also bring many advantages - because you have [...]
29th of June 2016
Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 interior view

The Lego Death Star for hardcore fans - or: Star Wars for adults (Updated!)

Star Wars is without question a successful franchise; one of the most successful and perhaps most widely known. But sometimes there are products from the area of ​​merchandise that you might only understand as a hardcore fan. In addition [...]
27th of June 2016

Blue Ray Disc: What is UHD, 4K Blu Ray and what resolutions and frame rates are there?

As with a CD or CD-ROM, content on a Blu-Ray disc can be played in any form. It doesn't really matter what kind of files are burned onto the disc. Would like to […]
20th of June 2016
Apple Fusion Drive - HDD and SSD hard drive combined

Fusion Drive on the Mac: Combine SSD and HDD hard drives into one volume

The "Fusion Drive" from Apple is an option that has been available for Macs since October 2013 in the Apple shop. Technically, it is a combination of an HDD hard drive (the models with rotating magnetic disks) […]