The omniscient garbage dump

Who doesn't know them from the series "Fraggles"? The omniscient garbage dump - too English "all-knowing, all-seeing trash heap "- is the oracle of the Fraggles. If it is not clear again what to do or how to solve a problem, then the little ones turn to" Marjorie "- because that's the name the omniscient garbage dump, which is actually a compost heap. But the way to the Fraggle oracle is not that easy, because it is right behind the castle of the Gorgs - who are known to like to eat fraggles. For everyone who doesn't know Marjorie, I have one here small youtube video:

Well, anyway, for me the category with "nonsense worth knowing" is simply called "omniscient garbage dump", because it was just a good fit. This is where everything ends up that I find exciting, but that I can't classify anywhere else. :)

The omniscient garbage dump - instructions for your everyday life with Mac and iPhone

Sometimes it's the little things that make you despair. The user is not displayed in the device, data input does not work as it should, or you have already forgotten how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. You can bring these and all other challenges with the operation of Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X and macOS to me and throw them on the omniscient garbage dump! She will swallow it, digest it, and give out a simple solution to it.

The operation of Apple Mac, iPhone and more

In order to really get the most out of your devices, sometimes only very simple key combinations are necessary - you just have to know how it all works! Sir Apfelot is the perfect address for these tips. Ask me your questions, as special as they may be, or let my user tips inspire you. I own all kinds of Apple products and have been a fan and user "from the very beginning". Solving problems is my hobby and teasing out the full potential of Apple devices is my mission.

Learn about topics like special characters on Mac, revealing hidden files, security tricks, and hacks for solving everyday problems with Apple, Mac, and more.

April 24, 2016

Hitman Sniper: Instructions, tips and tricks for beginners and beginners

The game Hitman Sniper is definitely not the kind of app that you should give your children to play: As a contract killer you have to "act" with a fixed "viewpoint" and various weapons and bad guys [...]
23. March 2016
Fritz! Box manual by Christoph Troche

FRITZ! Box manual - user manuals for the AVM Fritzbox on Amazon and as a free PDF download

The FRITZ! Box from AVM is one of the most widespread and popular routers for DSL and LTE. I've also been a big fan of this intuitive hardware for years. If you have your FRITZ! Box (also [...]
22. March 2016
You can switch the power saving mode on and off via Siri

In iOS 9 activate the power saving mode via Siri: "Silent saving mode on"

I admit - even if it's no technical rocket science - but the power saving mode is one of my favorite features on iOS 9 on the iPhone. Especially when I had a weak battery a few weeks ago [...]
21. March 2016
Affinity Photo manual

Affinity Photo Manual and Tutorials - Instructions for working with the Photoshop alternative

Problem recognized, danger averted - that seems to be the motto of Serif, a British software company that unleashed its Affinity programs on Mac users last July. Because what exactly is hidden [...]
20. March 2016
Instructions: The correct Internet settings with Aldi Talk

Instructions: ALDI TALK Internet settings for iPhone and Android smartphone

Regardless of whether you use Aldi Talk with an Internet flat rate or a limited data volume: If you do not get an Internet connection on the way without your home WLAN connection, it is usually because the settings for "mobile data" [...]
17. March 2016
Adobe CS6 is the oldest version that already has some programs with Retina support

Question: From which version does Adobe CS support a Retina display from iMac and MacBook?

Since the question has come up several times in the last few weeks (including in connection with the update from OS X to El Capitan), I would like to briefly share my (half) knowledge on the subject. The problem […]
20. January 2016
Screenshot installing several fonts on the Mac

Instructions: Install multiple fonts on Mac OS X at once

When moving to a new Mac, you can usually use the migration assistant or manually move the files if you want to do a "clean install". This is recommended if the Mac simply [...]
13. January 2016
TNEF's enough icon

Instructions: Open and display winmail.dat files on the Mac

Almost every Mac user has certainly experienced it before: You get an email with an attachment called "winmail.dat" and you don't really know what it is. At first I thought of a virus, [...]
27. December 2015
Nicrosoft Office Excel Tips

EXCEL tip: Mark cells with links and e-mails without calling up hyperlinks

I don't know about you, but I keep struggling with Excel spreadsheets that contain email addresses or links to URLs. Whenever you just want to mark it, you go to the website or [...]