The omniscient garbage dump

Who doesn't know them from the series "Fraggles"? The omniscient garbage dump - too English "all-knowing, all-seeing trash heap "- is the oracle of the Fraggles. If it is not clear again what to do or how to solve a problem, then the little ones turn to" Marjorie "- because that's the name the omniscient garbage dump, which is actually a compost heap. But the way to the Fraggle oracle is not that easy, because it is right behind the castle of the Gorgs - who are known to like to eat fraggles. For everyone who doesn't know Marjorie, I have one here small youtube video:

Well, anyway, for me the category with "nonsense worth knowing" is simply called "omniscient garbage dump", because it was just a good fit. This is where everything ends up that I find exciting, but that I can't classify anywhere else. :)

The omniscient garbage dump - instructions for your everyday life with Mac and iPhone

Sometimes it's the little things that make you despair. The user is not displayed in the device, data input does not work as it should, or you have already forgotten how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. You can bring these and all other challenges with the operation of Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X and macOS to me and throw them on the omniscient garbage dump! She will swallow it, digest it, and give out a simple solution to it.

The operation of Apple Mac, iPhone and more

In order to really get the most out of your devices, sometimes only very simple key combinations are necessary - you just have to know how it all works! Sir Apfelot is the perfect address for these tips. Ask me your questions, as special as they may be, or let my user tips inspire you. I own all kinds of Apple products and have been a fan and user "from the very beginning". Solving problems is my hobby and teasing out the full potential of Apple devices is my mission.

Learn about topics like special characters on Mac, revealing hidden files, security tricks, and hacks for solving everyday problems with Apple, Mac, and more.

14. January 2015
.aae file extension

What are .aae files?

Files with the extension .aae are usually files that are created by the OS X / macOS or iOS / iPadOS operating systems on the Mac, iPhones or iPads. Basically, there are additional files that, in addition to the actual [...]
13. January 2015
Photo of RAL-K5-color fan glossy

RAL color fans and color cards - the most important colors always at hand!

Only printed color tables give the RAL colors true to color. If you search for RAL colors on the Internet, you are often confronted with graphics that show these colors that they want to represent. However, one must keep in mind that [...]
8. January 2015
USB angle adapter from Goobay

USB angle adapter or coupling with 90 ° and 270 ° angle

The area of ​​application for angle adapters can be quite different. You can use them on smart TVs, in the car or on laptops to make a USB stick less noticeable. Even against a sharp kink in the [...]
7. January 2015
Google account management

Instructions: So you can delete your Google account and delete all data

Fed up with Google and want to delete your account there? This is - similar to Facebook and other such services - not that easy, because mostly you have to navigate through submenus [...]
1. January 2015
iCloud family sharing features

iCloud Family Sharing from Apple - Setup guide, plus advantages and disadvantages of the feature

Apple family sharing on iCloud under iOS and OS X Yosemite is a feature that has been wanted and expected by Apple insiders for quite a while. In the end, it came as a surprise in the new system. [...]
30. December 2014
Fritz Box time

Fritz! Box shows the date 01.01.1970/XNUMX/XNUMX in the overview

I have two switchable Fritz! Sockets in operation that switch Christmas fairy lights on and off according to time in two rooms. Two days ago I was amazed that the one in the middle of the night [...]
28. December 2014
Susan Bennett Siri

Commands and questions to the iPhone voice assistant Siri - here's how!

I have to admit that I am quite new to the use of [Siri-> siri] - even though I have had a device that supports Siri for a long time. The reason for this is that my iPhone 5 has some [...]
22. December 2014
Switch off MMS

Switch off MMS on the iPhone and save costs

As I may have already read here, I have the AldiTalk 600 package. It is not the first time that I have run into a "cost trap" with it. The current case, however, is less of an attitude [...]
15. December 2014
JPEG format file extension

.jpg file extension

The file extension ".jpg" or ".jpeg" is usually found in image files. The image format is supported as an output format by DSLR or compact digital cameras, for example. Due to the compression and the associated loss [...]
1. December 2014
Boot Camp Mac

Boot Camp on the Mac

Using Apple's Boot Camp, you can set up a partition on the Mac on which Windows can be installed. If you restart the Mac, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (also older versions [...]