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29. September 2017

GoPro Hero 6 Black is out!

The new GoPro Hero 6 Black action camera is out, and it brings a lot of new specs and functions. If you have the technical data, the range of functions, the price and the sources of supply for the new action [...]
25. September 2017
Camera comparison. Comparison of the cameras of Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. HDR, sensor, exposure, stage spot, HEIF.

Camera comparison: cameras in iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus

Austin Mann used to be a pioneer and self-taught in the fields of photography, Photoshop and Apple Mac - on his website he presents a comparison of photographs with the cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone [...]
5. September 2017

Affordable entry-level drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Due to newer models from the state-of-the-art manufacturer from China, conversations about DJI drones quickly forget the still very good entry-level drone DJI Phantom 3 Standard from 2015. This quadrocopter is not only light [...]
4. September 2017

Game camera test: SecaCam HomeVista as game and surveillance camera

The SecaCam HomeVista is a wildlife camera and surveillance camera with night vision function, motion detector, very good image and video quality (day and night) and an extensive set including batteries and 8GB memory card. We had the opportunity to use the SecaCam HomeVista […]
16. August 2017

The best 360 degree camera? Comparison of different models

360-degree cameras are still in vogue and with appropriate editing software for post-production, with VR glasses for the consumers of the resulting videos and much more that develops around the cameras, the buying impulse also breaks [...]
11. August 2017

iPhone Photography under iOS 11: Portrait mode can be undone

With the presentation of the iPhone 7 Plus almost a year ago, Apple introduced, among other things, the portrait mode in iPhone photography, in which you can artificially create depth of field using the bokeh effect. However, the effect is [...]
10. August 2017

Elgato Green Screen: Chroma Key Panel as a mobile display

The day before yesterday Elgato presented new products for content producers and gamers, including the Elgato Cam Link USB stick, but also the Elgato Green Screen. With the Elgato Green Screen, which I present to you in this post [...]
13 JULY 2017
DJI Spark in the test - advantages, disadvantages and the comparison with the Mavic Pro

The mini drone "DJI Spark" in the test and in comparison to the Mavic Pro

The DJI Spark is the smallest model that DJI currently has on the market. My copy just arrived a good three weeks ago and has been in use a lot since then. I have some experience as a result [...]
19th of June 2017

Manuals and tutorials for image editing with Affinity Photo Windows / macOS / iOS

The image editing program Affinity Photo, for which there are now several manuals, instructions and tutorials, is often compared with Photoshop and can be seen as a much cheaper version of the Adobe classic. Because the developer Serif from [...]
2th of June 2017

Pre-order the Loupedeck: Buy a mixer for Lightroom

Loupedeck is the name of a control console for Adobe Lightroom, which is reminiscent of a mixer and wants to compete with big names like Palette Gear. You can pre-order Loupedeck since yesterday. What do you think about the market launch of the tool [...]