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9. August 2013
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Lightroom 5 video training: My test report

I have just discovered from Paddy from that he offers video training on Adobe Lightroom 5. When I asked, he was kind enough to provide me with a review copy. I come [...]
9. August 2013
CamRanger with cover

CamRanger: comfortable remote release with DSLR from Nikon and Canon

First of all, the small caveat: Unfortunately, the device presented here only works with Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras. Those who prefer to take photos with their Hasselblad can click away now. But it works very well with bestselling models like [...]
11th of June 2013
Adobe Lightroom 5

Adobe Lightroom 5 manual

Adobe has launched its latest version of Lightroom - namely Adobe Lightroom 5. The PDF manual has not yet been updated. If it is in the new version on the Adobe site [...]
April 24, 2013
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Sony NEX 7 firmware update as download

With the Sony NEX 7 (more about the camera here), many teething troubles of early models can be resolved with a firmware update. Sony offers a list of download programs that are available for Windows and [...]
April 24, 2013
Sony Alpha NEX 7 system camera

Sony NEX 7 - mirrorless system camera with 24 MP

The Sony Alpha NEX 7 is the current "flagship" of the NEX series. Successors are already expected, but so far Sony has not announced anything that could give rise to downgrading the NEX 7. The camera […]
April 23, 2013
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Sony NEX 7 accessories: you should treat yourself to that

Since today I am also the proud owner of the Sony NEX alpha 7 and will use it for normal photography as well as for aerial photos with the copter. In terms of image quality and weight - what [...]
April 19, 2013
Sigma 19mm lens for Sony E mount

Affordable wide angle for the Sony NEX 7

Today I was looking for an inexpensive wide-angle lens that I can use on the [Sony NEX 7-> sony-nex-7] to take [aerial photos-> aerial photos] and landscape photos. I've rummaged through a number of forums and in the end I am [...]
April 8, 2013
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Sony NEX-7 successor - shortly before the market launch?

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 system camera has already made many friends in photography circles. The low weight and the good image results provided by the 24MP sensor offer many areas of application. Only the set lens, which was used in [...]
April 3, 2013
SanDisk SD card with 64 GB

Which SD card should I use with the Canon EOS 600D?

The selection of the SD card is less important in pure photography. In the video sector with the Full HD format, however, the transfer rate of the SD card is decisive for whether the Canon 600D can save the video data quickly enough. Takes [...]
April 2, 2013
Sony DSC RX1

Sony system camera with full frame sensor: Sony DSC-RX1

Sony made a precision landing with the NEX series. There have been a lot of positive reviews praising the Sony NEX-5 or Sony NEX-7. The kit lens that is supplied with the NEX-7 alone should not [...]