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April 9, 2021

iPhone Photos - Activate / deactivate save location as recording location

For photos and videos, the Apple iPhone's camera app can save the current location as the recording location in the file. But what is the point of this information and how can you find the location while using the camera in iOS [...]
30. March 2021

MyHeritage animates faces in old family photos

Sometimes old photos and a few fading memories are all that's left of loved ones in the family. To refresh memories, MyHeritage launched an offer that brings photographs to life [...]
3. March 2021

DJI FPV: Technical data and price of the Ready-to-Fly FPV drone

DJI has unveiled a new first person view (FPV) drone, aptly named DJI FPV. The quadrocopter with three flight modes brings the necessary controller and glasses for real-time perception of the flight with it. [...]
16. February 2021
White balance: Correct blue snow in Photos app

Fix blue snow photos in the Photos app on the Mac

The last few weeks we had a pretty picture-perfect winter here. Of course, a number of photos were taken again, because if you were still walking around in the mud a few days ago, you can look at the white [...]
4. January 2021

Mac image editing software Pixelmator Pro 2 optimized for M1 chip

The Mac app Pixelmator Pro for photo and image editing under macOS has been optimized for working with the M2020 chip since November 1. This comes in the current 13-inch models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as in the [...]
30. December 2020

Insert Mac app icon in Photoshop / Affinity Photo: Here's how!

If you want to use the app icon of a macOS software in a graphic, there are several ways to do this. For example, you can search for the app icon on the internet. You can also take a screenshot of the dock [...]
15. December 2020

Adobe Photoshop manual - standard work in the 2020 edition

If you are looking for a comprehensive manual for Adobe Photoshop, Sybille Mühlke should not go unmentioned. The standard work published by Rheinwerk-Verlag introduces not only beginners to the software for photo and graphic processing. It [...]
11. December 2020
Motif photo books for Christmas 2020

Last-minute tip: Motif photo books arrive in time for Christmas

The company Motif kindly provided me with two 50 EUR vouchers for the creation of a photo book for my Advent raffle. For this reason I would like to briefly mention that Motif will continue to work until [...]
8. December 2020
Zhiyou iPhone tripod adapter with spirit level and Arca Swiss compatibility

Arca Swiss compatible tripod adapter with spirit level for the iPhone (12 Pro Max)

I recently took a bunch of photos of a speaker (the Belkin Soundform Elite) that I was reviewing. For such photos I usually use a tripod and an iPhone tripod adapter from Zecti (not [...]
8. December 2020

Tip for better iPhone photos: Activate the camera grid

Beautiful photos are not only the result of the lighting and the viewing angle. The division of the rectangle into specific areas is also important. If you split your iPhone photos better in the future and maybe you can use the "golden [...]