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25. March 2013
Nikon D800

Lenses for the Nikon D800 - which are recommended?

The new Nikon D800 has recently been on the market and shows that it is not only a pixel monster but also a technically sophisticated camera with very good operation and great options for professional photographers. [...]
25. March 2013
Sony NEX 7

Sony NEX 8 and NEX 9 - finally a full-frame system camera

Update: The successor to the Sony NEX series is now available and is available in stores as the "Sony Alpha 7". I will write a detailed post about it. Anyone who would like to take a look at the full-frame system camera from Sony [...]
21. March 2013
Nikon EN-EL15 battery

Nikon EN-EL15 battery and inexpensive alternatives

You can actually assume that you need a replacement battery for every digital camera, because on the one hand these batteries are quite inexpensive and on the other hand there is nothing more annoying than a great DSLR camera that [...]
21. March 2013

Recall: Nikon is recalling the batteries of the D7000, D800, D800E and 1 V1

There are already some reports from owners of the Nikon D800 that report strange behavior of the camera. Among other things, the camera freezes and no longer reacts. The emergency solution for those affected usually looked like this [...]