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10. November 2019

DJI Mavic Mini specifications, flight modes C, P, S and price

The DJI Mavic Mini is a handy, lightweight drone that does not require proof of knowledge to fly. In this post I have given you pictures, technical data, the price, the purchase options and further information about the small drone [...]
30. October 2019

Fly as you are: DJI introduces Mavic Mini drone

Today at 14:00 pm the countdown for "Fly as you are" from the drone manufacturer DJI ran to zero. As previously leaked, the new DJI Mavic Mini was then discontinued in the shop. It should also [...]
29. October 2019

DJI Keynote on October 30.10.2019th, XNUMX - "Fly as you are" with the Mavic Mini?

DJI has announced a keynote for tomorrow, October 30.10.2019th, XNUMX under the slogans “Fly as you are” or “Anyone can fly”. According to the saying, one can assume a new drone that has many automatic functions [...]
18. October 2019

Pre-order Luminar 4: photo editing as an app and plug-in

The photo editing software Luminar 18 will be released by Skylum Software on November 2019, 4. From now on you can already pre-order Luminar 4 and thus secure a special price. In addition to the app, which are available in common [...]
5. October 2019
I like the snugle. Due to the unconventional attachment and the minimal size, you can always have the lens with you and use it with a cover.

The Snugle lens for the smartphone: Macro photography with the iPhone

A few weeks ago I had a few likes on my Instagram profile from a user whose profile contained very nice macro photos. On the profile page I found a link to Snugle - a small [...]
4. October 2019

[Solved] Which SD card fits the GoPro HERO 8 Black?

The new GoPro HERO8 Black was introduced in early October 2019. In addition to Hypersmooth 2.0 image stabilization and 4K video recording, it also offers automatic horizon straightening and other advantages. Of course, in order to be able to use this to the full, [...]
2. September 2019

Does it mean depth of field or depth of field?

When taking pictures with the camera or smartphone, the background should sometimes be sharp and sometimes blurred. But what is the technical term for the sharpness in the depth of the image - depth of field or depth of field? Each [...]
28. August 2019

AI Structure - Luminar 4 with a smart structure tool

Skylum Luminar 4, which will be available soon, gets a new, smart tool for structure improvement. Because a wide variety of objects and structures can be found in a photo: buildings and urban areas, forests and [...]
23 JULY 2019

Luminar 4 with AI Sky Replacement - Wow function replaces the sky

If you want to create art with your photography instead of a true-to-life image, you might realize this by replacing the sky in a landscape photograph. What takes a long time in apps for image and photo editing such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo [...]
18 JULY 2019

DJI Ronin-SC - 3-axis gimbal for mirrorless system cameras

The new DJI Ronin-SC 3-axis gimbal is intended for professionals in dealing with mirrorless digital and system cameras as well as for those who want to become one. It combines a lightweight construction with high functionality and extensive connectivity. The DJI [...]