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30. November 2021
Article Forge in the test

AI-based article generator "Article Forge V3.0" in the test with German language

In the last one to two years, more and more companies have come onto the market and offer online services that offer the creation of blog posts or articles with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The first […]
20. November 2021
Link Chest - List of High DR backlinks

Link Chest: strong link options for everyone - my pick of the KW45

My goodness ... I'm really behind when it comes to the picks of the week, but it's my turn! For calendar week 45 I have a nice straggler who should be interesting for every website owner, [...]
11. October 2021
Gtranslate Wordpress plugin for automatic translation WordPress plugin for automatic translation - my pick of the week in KW38

It's time I worked up the "picks of the week" a bit, because I've been behind for weeks, so here's my pick for week 38: I've really been grappling with the idea for years, [...]
27 JULY 2021
Create an RSS feed manually

Manually create an RSS feed with URLs

I currently have the "problem" that I have to enter a few of my customers' websites in RSS directories, but these websites are not based on WordPress and therefore do not have an RSS feed. If a website is set up with WordPress [...]
19 JULY 2021 - Read data from websites for free

Websites and their place on the internet are no mystery. Sure, you mainly see the "front end", i.e. the graphically prepared front, and at first glance you don't know what it looks like in the background. This means […]
13 JULY 2021

Create website with Mobirise and finished templates

With the free Mobirise website builder, you can create an easy-to-use and well-equipped website on your Mac and PC without any prior knowledge. Sounds like the advertising promise of pretty much every website builder, doesn't it? To […]
5 JULY 2021

Pixsy: Prevent picture theft and get paid in an emergency

Photos, illustrations, works of art and other images are quickly loaded onto the Internet, but also downloaded and used just as quickly. If you want to find out whether your photos or images are being used by others, then you can [...]
25th of June 2021
Hyphenation in WordPress

WordPress tip: Headings with hyphenation and breaking points

I had the case today at a customer website that the theme does not break long words in the headline when the website was viewed in mobile view. Since the headings are centered, you can see [...]
19th of June 2021
The business directory in question has an estimated number of visitors of less than 100 per month. That's a joke in itself if it weren't so expensive.

Caution: Yellow Pages fraud through proof sheets by email and PDF

For my customers in the area of ​​search engine optimization, I always carry out free yellow pages entries. As a rule, nobody looks up these business directories, but the links to the domains help a little, so that the customer pages [...]