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6. January 2014
bbPress plugin

bbPress forum plugin for WordPress - experiences and tips

Anyone who has ever used open source software to set up a forum will surely have gained experience like this: the installation and configuration is complex, the forum will be ready in a few days [...]
17. December 2013
Rights of the XML-RPC file

Protect XML-RPC interface in WordPress via .htaccess

I just got a mail from my provider, according to which massive automated calls to the xmlrpc.php file in my blog had caused the entire server to reach its performance limit. Since the blog is on a [...]
11. November 2013
Word Count Tool Firefox Addon

Firefox addon for counting words and characters

As [SEO-> seo] or [Adwords-Optimierer-> adwords-optimization] you are always embarrassed to want to know how long a text is or how many characters an advertisement draft has. So far I've always taken the detour via [BBEdit-> bbedit] [...]
6. November 2013
Facebook resolution cover picture and profile picture

Size and resolution of the Facebook cover picture, profile picture and other graphics

Creating a [Fanpage on Facebook-> Facebook Fanpage] is not that difficult. But then assembling the right graphics for the cover picture and the profile picture, which also look good, is a bit more difficult. [...]
11. October 2013
Sir Apfelot on HTC HD 2

Test the website online for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices

Today a customer asked me if I could briefly test his website on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad or other tablets. Of course, I could have just used my devices to call up, but [...]
16. September 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Prohibit URL calls with parameters via robots.txt

Today I noticed a small indexing problem on a customer website. This works with a shop system that supports "speaking URLs" and is therefore a bit SEO-friendly, but unfortunately it offers sorting of product lists [...]
4. September 2013
Firefox Addon Affiliate Fox

Firefox addon AffiliateFox makes Amazon ASIN links

Actually, I was looking for a Firefox plugin that would give me the ASIN of the product when I visit an Amazon detail page. However, I haven't found a serious add-on that I would recommend. But […]
7. August 2013

.htaccess: Redirecting all URLs to the start page

Today I had to fill an old domain with a placeholder for a customer and drag all the content to a new domain. The background is a change because of the [search engine optimization of the website-> search engine optimization]. But that should [...]
6. August 2013

Scuttle - Free Social Bookmarking Software

The Scuttle software is an open source software that can be used to create a social bookmarking directory. It is based on PHP and MYSQL and was very much in vogue when the links via [social bookmarking services-> social-bookmarking] were still […]
6. August 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Solve PHP error: "Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new ..."

Today I moved an old script (a [Social Bookmarking Catalog-> social-bookmarking-directories], based on [Scuttle-> scuttle]) to a new hosting. Unfortunately, some errors occurred after the move. The most common was a PHP error with the [...]