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5 JULY 2021

Pixsy: Prevent picture theft and get paid in an emergency

Photos, illustrations, works of art and other images are quickly loaded onto the Internet, but also downloaded and used just as quickly. If you want to find out whether your photos or images are being used by others, then you can [...]
25th of June 2021
Hyphenation in WordPress

WordPress tip: Headings with hyphenation and breaking points

I had the case today at a customer website that the theme does not break long words in the headline when the website was viewed in mobile view. Since the headings are centered, you can see [...]
19th of June 2021
The business directory in question has an estimated number of visitors of less than 100 per month. That's a joke in itself if it weren't so expensive.

Caution: Yellow Pages fraud through proof sheets by email and PDF

For my customers in the area of ​​search engine optimization, I always carry out free yellow pages entries. As a rule, nobody looks up these business directories, but the links to the domains help a little, so that the customer pages [...]
26th April 2021
Nitro Pack WordPress Plugin

NitroPack for WordPress - Pick of the week KW17

This week my pick is a WordPress plugin called "NitroPack". It is a plugin that ensures that your WordPress website scores well in the Google Pagespeed Insights test - actually not just good, [...]
27. March 2021
ColorZilla Browser Extension - Pick of the Week CW13

ColorZilla color pipette for Chrome and Firefox - Pick of the week in CW13

My pick of the week this time is a small but nice browser extension that can be downloaded for Firefox or Google Chrome. It is free and makes life as a blogger or web designer easier because [...]
17. March 2021
ClickMagick experiences

ClickMagick Review - The Click Tracker and URL Shortening Service for Online-Marketers

I recently poked around on the subject of "making money online". My intention was to find ways outside of the Amazon affiliate program that might generate a little extra income. So much in advance: I found a lot of nonsense [...]
9. February 2021
Ecwid free shop - my experiences

Ecwid: Mini shop for under 10 products created in one afternoon

A few weeks ago my wife and I took over the marketing of the small Simbrix handicraft stones in Germany. So that we could also offer the Simbrix kits online, I was looking for an uncomplicated shop system that [...]
26. January 2021

Website usability: an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO)

As an SEO specialist, I often see with my clients' websites that user-friendliness was overlooked when creating them. They then ask me if there isn't a Google trick that the competition knows about and that we [...]
22. January 2021

Google Ads Guide to Successful Online Advertising

If you want to advertise your company, blog, shop or something else online, there is hardly any way around Google Ads. But how do you set up the account correctly? How should the advertising campaign be planned [...]
21. January 2021
Good SEO checklist for search engine optimization

SEO checklist - probably the best list here in the test

I get asked by customers every now and then if I could give them a guide on how to do Search Engine Optimization themselves so it isn't that expensive. In this course you would [...]