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20. December 2020
Detect Google Update - this is how it works

What happens with a Google update and how do I recognize it?

I look after some clients in the area of ​​search engine optimization. This means that I make sure that the customer's website is placed at the top of the Google search for certain terms - without expensive Google Ads for it [...]
3. November 2020
Take a screenshot of an entire website in Google Chrome

Google Chrome: Take a screenshot of the entire website

Some time ago I had instructions on how to take a screenshot of an entire website in Firefox on a Mac. Today I needed the same function, but unfortunately in Google Chrome. Here is the […]
3. November 2020
PHP forced update - error messages on websites preprogrammed

Ionos or 1 & 1 will stop PHP 7.2 support at the end of 2020 - check your website now

I came across it by chance when I switched the PHP version in Ionos hosting (Ionos is part of 1 & 1) for my customer. There it is noted for the PHP 7.2 version that they only have support [...]
2. November 2020
PHP warning Continue targeting switch is equivalent to break.

WordPress Error - Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break"

Today I moved a customer's WordPress blog to a subdomain because she wanted to run the site in a kind of internal area. The main domain should be redirected for this. After I set up the subdomain in Ionos [...]
28. October 2020
Set up EZOIC in Borlabs Cookie

Instructions: Set up EZOIC in Borlabs Cookie

I am currently taking the first steps on my blog with the EZOIC service, which can be used to monetize your website. Before you can really start, you have to get the right data in [...]
10. October 2020

WordPress "Bulk Move" plugin: Bulk move posts between categories

It's not spring and it's not the time for spring cleaning either, but my huge category structure in the blog has annoyed me for months. Today I have decided to put some order in the categories [...]
26. September 2020
WordPress Plugin Public Post Plugin for public preview

Public Post Preview: Send WordPress posts in advance for viewing

For me it happens every now and then that companies that book a sponsored post want to read in advance what I have written about their product or service. This can of course be solved by [...]
10. September 2020
Problems with WordPress 5.5

WordPress 5.5 problems - the plugin "jQuery Migrate Helper" could (temporarily) be the solution ...

WordPress version 5.5.1 has been out for a while and the update to WordPress 5.5 ran reasonably cleanly on most blogs. Since I look after some customers who work with WordPress websites, I get [...]
3. September 2020
How to embed a video from your own hosting in Wordpress

Instructions: Embed self-hosted .mp4 video in WordPress

Many of you using WordPress will simply embed videos in your posts using the URL from YouTube. WordPress then recognizes that it is a film that is on YouTube and automatically builds [...]