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3. September 2020
How to embed a video from your own hosting in Wordpress

Instructions: Embed self-hosted .mp4 video in WordPress

Many of you using WordPress will simply embed videos in your posts using the URL from YouTube. WordPress then recognizes that it is a film that is on YouTube and automatically builds [...]
21. August 2020

Depositphotos: Royalty-free photos at an affordable and uncomplicated rate

Stock photos are important for everyone who creates content, operates a blog, advertises or wants to tell stories using multimedia. The need for images and photos that can be downloaded for free or for [...] is particularly high on the Internet.
18 JULY 2020

My experiences with Borlabs: Legally secure cookie plugin for WordPress

Anyone who operates a website must include a cookie notice and a corresponding adjustment option for visitors. In my opinion, the Borlabs plugin is the best solution for WordPress to actually make tracking cookies rejectable for visitors. Borlabs [...]
1 JULY 2020

Is Flodesk the simple, cheap, and good looking Mailchimp?

If you want to maintain good reader loyalty for your blog, shop or other website, you need an e-mail newsletter. For example, I have been sending the Sir Apfelot newsletter via Mailchimp for years. But especially for beginners there are [...]
June 4, 2020

SEO from 2021: Google wants to include page experience

As Google announced last week, the page experience will be a stronger factor in determining whether a website ranks well or poorly in search engine results from 2021 onwards. So if you have search engine optimization (SEO) on the [...]
June 1, 2020
Wordpress Plugin Disable admin notes

Switch off messages individually in the WordPress admin area

Surely every WordPress user knows that: some plugin that you have installed persistently and constantly reappearing boxes with references to buy the premium version, write a review in the WordPress plugin repository or [... ]
31. May 2020
Prevent Wordpress plugin updates with PHP code

Prevent WordPress plugin updates for a specific plugin

Today I had to adapt a plugin in a customer's blog so that it optically matches the website and also has a German edition. Now the problem was that the customer was always busy updating his [...]
7. May 2020

WordPress vs. Webflow - Which CMS is Better?

I use the CMS WordPress for many websites, as this is free in itself and because customers can make changes to the website themselves after a brief introduction. Recently I am [...]
6. May 2020
PHP sandbox for trying out scripts

PHP Sandbox: try out small PHP scripts online

Learning the PHP programming language is not that difficult. I taught myself the programming completely myself with example scripts and a PHP book. Today I might get a Udemy course on PHP because that's [...]
25th April 2020
PHP command explode ()

PHP explode (): this is how you use the function to separate strings

The PHP programming language can do a lot of things with strings. A variant of this is covered by the PHP command "explode". As the name suggests, you "explode" a string of characters into several pieces, which are then [...]