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19th April 2020
Wordpress, Borlabs Cookie and the white bar

Reader question: White bar above blog content blocks reading and scrolling

Some time ago I had an inquiry from a reader and today the question came up again: Why is it that for some people in the mobile view on iPad and iPhone [...]
15th April 2020
Popup Maker for Popups in Wordpress

Build elegant pop-up windows in WordPress with the plug-in Popup-Maker

As a rule, I create all websites for my customers with the WordPress blog system. Exceptions are websites where I have to create individual programming with PHP - but otherwise: everything in WordPress. Like me […]
5th April 2020
Open source tool phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin: Access via http: localhost / phpmyadmin

You are probably looking for a way to call up the phpMyAdmin management software on your local web server. The appropriate link should be one of these variants: http: // localhost / phpmyadmin http: // localhost: 80 / phpmyadmin http: // localhost: 8080 / phpmyadmin The phpMyAdmin software itself is open source and [...]
30. January 2020
updown website monitoring tool Website uptime monitoring at an affordable price

A few months ago I was looking for a monitoring service to protect my Sir Apfelot blog against failure or to at least receive brief information if my blog is down. Some […]
28. January 2020
Embed YouTube videos in Wordpress without cookies

Integrate YouTube into WordPress without cookies in accordance with GDPR

Although I produce very little for YouTube myself, I find other people's videos very helpful. Even with Mac or iPhone problems, a video is sometimes more descriptive than writing a lot of words. This shows […]
9. December 2019

EIL: Booked a virtual server? Maybe he'll shut down today!

If you have booked a virtual server (VPS) with a hosting service, then you should check your e-mails - including the spam folder. Because with around 20 brands, which are probably backed by the same operators, today [...]
2. October 2019

Instructions: Which cookies does my website store?

Due to a current ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on October 01.10.2019st, XNUMX, the cookie problem is boiled up again and, from the point of view of website operators, more topical than ever. Because currently, according to the judgment, when a page is viewed, only technical [...]
15. September 2019
Try out PHP functions with the w3schools test window

Try out PHP code and functions online in test windows

Ok, the heading sounds a bit strange, because PHP code mostly runs online when you don't have your own MAMP server running. Nevertheless, the title hits the nail on the head, because what I am today [...]
12 JULY 2019

Why captchas have become so damn heavy ...

A “CAPTCHA” is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, a completely automatic, public Turing test to differentiate between computers and humans. From the simple "I am not a [...]
June 24, 2019

WordPress 5 Manual - Everything from Themes to SEO

The publication of a new WordPress manual has been announced for today. It is the 1076-page work WordPress 5: The Comprehensive Handbook by Richard Eisenmenger, published in the 2019 edition in the renowned Rheinwerk [...]