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30. September 2018
Wordpress help

Remove WordPress message: "This website is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance work"

WordPress is actually a relatively robust blog system that I like to use again and again for new websites. The updates of plugins and the WordPress core can be installed at the push of a button and in most cases [...]
25. September 2018

Free GDPR data protection and imprint generator - also free for commercial use

If you are looking for a generator for the imprint or the GDPR data protection page, you will find several offers on the Internet. Some are free for private individuals and small businesses, but cost a usage fee (sometimes EUR 99) for [...]
19. September 2018
Wordpress help for bloggers: I will help you if your blog is nagging and no longer wants to!

WordPress help for bloggers - support against contribution

WordPress is actually one of the simple editorial or blog systems. Nevertheless, there are always problems that leave a normal user standing with question marks over their heads. Since I don't only use WordPress [...]
9. September 2018
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

PHP script: How many weeks is there in a year?

The question actually sounds easy at first: How can I use a PHP script to calculate how many weeks a year has? One would think that the problem can be solved by counting the number of days in a year [...]
23 JULY 2018
Photo: Switching from http to https via htaccess file

WordPress: Redirection from http: // to https: // with the .htaccess file

I don't know how many domains I've fought my way through in the last few weeks to get them GDPR compliant. As soon as there is only one e-mail form on the page, the switch to SSL encryption [...]
27th of June 2018

Newsletter software - 4 German, GDPR-compliant providers in comparison

For a month now, newsletter software from providers in Germany has been more in demand than ever. Because on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, EU-GDPR for short, came into force. This sees much stricter requirements for the [...]
22th of June 2018

What are Article 11 and Article 13? (Video & petition)

Usually politics plays a subordinate role here in the blog; and when it is mentioned, it is usually only in the context of neutral reporting. However, there is currently quite a large discourse on Article 11 and Article [...]
8th of June 2018

Embetty: heise tool for data protection-compliant integration of social media

“Heise online” has an open source project called Embetty that aims to help webmasters to integrate third-party content from social media sites in a data-protecting manner. Because posts, videos, tweets as well as like and share buttons provide data from [...] even without direct interaction.
7th of June 2018
Solve Wordpress Specify a vary message

WordPress: How to Fix the "Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding Header" Warning

As many of you already know, I spend my dear, long day around customer websites that are usually based on WordPress. For the reason, today again a tip that I just [...]