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19. March 2018

utrace: Find out the IP address, server location and provider of a domain or website

The web tool utrace helps you to find out the IP address of a website, to localize its server, to find the provider and, if necessary, to read out further data. You can also choose a Whois option to get more detailed data on the [...]
22 JULY 2017
Google Guetzli JPEG Encoder 35% smaller files with good quality, reduce JPEG size make them smaller, maintain quality, fewer artifacts

In the test: Google biscuits compression with ImageOptim image optimizer compared to other JPEG encoders

The free Mac app "ImageOptim" is a little insider tip for people who frequently have to convert image files to the smallest possible file size. The image optimizer includes various compression methods and ultimately selects the one that provides the best compression for [...]
19 JULY 2017
How to check and delete Wordpress Cron entries, I'll show you in this guide.

Delete WordPress cron events completely and check open WP cron events

Today I had the case again that I had a customer's WordPress site that ran agonizingly slow despite being hosted on a "managed server". When calling the WP-Admin you could see that he was always [...]
June 22, 2017
Search and replace - a particular challenge in TablePress tables, but one that can be solved.

Instructions: Exchange URLs and domains using search and replace in TablePress table cells

As some readers already know, I realize a relatively large number of customer domains with the WordPress CMS system. And whenever a table is to be built into a post, there is only one plug-in that provides the best [...]
June 20, 2017 test: experiences with website builder service and comparison with WordPress

Wix is ​​a provider for private or corporate website creation in a modular system; comparable to providers like Jimdo and similar. So if you want to create a website, WordPress and its configuration options and menus or the text-based backend [...]
5. May 2017
Live Photo Facebook WordPress embed insert embed embed

Install iPhone Live Photos on your own website / in WordPress thanks to Apple

With the iPhone 6s, Apple's Live Photos were presented in 2015, which were again offered in 2016 with the iPhone 7 as a way to capture a moment. Before the iPhone 8 comes out, Apple [...]
11th April 2017
Art for website and blog, free of charge and without lint, use art works without copyright, database for old masters, art, sculptures, vessels and history

Art under CC0: Use works of art free of charge and royalty-free as a webmaster and blogger

Last week, I already published a post on free and royalty-free images for your website, blog or online shop. But now there is still the special case of art, so if you are a [...]
3th April 2017

Free, royalty-free photos and images for bloggers and webmasters

There are numerous portals on the Internet for license-free images that you can use for your blog or website free of charge. But not every allegedly royalty-free image under a Creative Commons license or with the name Royalty Free [...]
21. March 2017
Google Guetzli JPEG Encoder 35% smaller files with good quality, reduce JPEG size make them smaller, maintain quality, fewer artifacts

Google biscuit: A biscuit that reduces the storage size of JPEG images by 35%

Less than a week ago, Google introduced a new tool called Guetzli; this is an encoder for JPEG files whose memory size should be reduced with as little loss of quality as possible. By the way, biscuits are [...]
28. November 2016

Internet browser market shares are shifting - current figures and local statistics

Browsers for displaying Internet content are sometimes quite a controversial topic; which one has the best performance, which one works best with the operating system used, which one has the most / best extensions? Etc. I [...]