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10. December 2014
nofollow in WP125

WP125 alternative: 125 × 125 banner in the WordPress sidebar with dofollow link

A blogger colleague recently recommended the WordPress plugin WP125 to me, with which he manages the square 125 × 125 pixel banners in his sidebar. I installed the plugin and set up two banners, but [...]
5. September 2014
Wordpress update message

WordPress 4.0 Update - Tips, improvements and problems with the new WordPress version

Today I heard from the plugin "WP Updates Notifier" via email that there is a new WordPress update. The WP 4.0 version called "Benny" is currently available. Benny is the name of the point zero update, in memory [...]
18. August 2014
PHP file in Coda

How can you open PHP files?

Question: I received a file with the extension .php for a free script. Now I wonder how I can open the file. Is there a special program for? Answer: In principle, [...]
18. August 2014
Icon PHP help

Program PHP redirection or PHP redirection

PHP offers the possibility to define redirects and redirects to other URLs with the command "header ()". You can only transfer the URL to which the forwarding should take place as a parameter. To the whole [...]
2th of June 2014

Premium WordPress Theme AVADA hacked and infected with malware

Today I had another case where a client's WordPress site was hacked. The hoster sent a list of files that contain malicious code. Noticeable: All bad files are in the directory of the [Wordpress [...]
27. May 2014

Can you delete the xmlrpc.php from the WordPress directory?

Question: My WordPress hoster wrote to me today that the xmlrpc.php file in my WordPress directory would use too many resources and it would have completely overloaded the server. The script was then blocked by the hoster. My question is, […]
5. May 2014

Solved: WordPress 3.9 text editor only shows empty window after update

In the last few weeks the [Wordpress-Updates-> wordpress-update] have come about at the same speed as the weekends arrive. I have now provided the first customer blogs with updates on [Wordpress 3.9-> wordpress] and now I had to find out that [...]
April 9, 2014
Disable Updates Manager

Deactivate automatic WordPress updates

Since yesterday I have been receiving emails with the subject "[Your blog name] Your website was updated to WordPress 3.8.2". It explains that WordPress has updated itself. [...]
25. March 2014
Wordpress SEO Yoast Window

Disabling pop-up messages in the WordPress admin

Today I came across an error in the WordPress admin area that probably shouldn't exist. I have activated the "WordPress SEO" plugin from Yoast for a project domain. After activation, the plugin opens [...]
23. March 2014
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Frame forwarding in HTML code

I currently have a customer page that I urgently want to redirect to the new page on the new hosting with a frame forwarding. The reason for this is that the old hosting is no longer working properly, I [...]