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7. August 2013

.htaccess: Redirecting all URLs to the start page

Today I had to fill an old domain with a placeholder for a customer and drag all the content to a new domain. The background is a change because of the [search engine optimization of the website-> search engine optimization]. But that should [...]
6. August 2013

Scuttle - Free Social Bookmarking Software

The Scuttle software is an open source software that can be used to create a social bookmarking directory. It is based on PHP and MYSQL and was very much in vogue when the links via [social bookmarking services-> social-bookmarking] were still […]
6. August 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Solve PHP error: "Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new ..."

Today I moved an old script (a [Social Bookmarking Catalog-> social-bookmarking-directories], based on [Scuttle-> scuttle]) to a new hosting. Unfortunately, some errors occurred after the move. The most common was a PHP error with the [...]
24th of June 2013

WordPress hosting from - test my tip after 5 years

The choice of hosting for WordPress can throw many a beginner into despair. I set up my first WordPress myself a good 5 years ago and at that time there were unfortunately hardly any hits when you [...]
24th of June 2013

WordPress tip: increase the PHP memory limit

After I upgraded to WordPress 3.5.2 today, when I called the admin page "Edit pages" I got the message that the RAM was insufficient for the process. PHP usually reports this with a [...]
24. May 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Redirect a complete domain to a new domain with .htaccess

When a domain move is pending, you often want to keep the old domain active and redirect the visitors who come across it to the new domain. In order to make this SEO-friendly, one uses a forwarding, [...]
April 19, 2013

Accelerate WordPress with the PHP ByteCode Cache

The most common [software-> software programming] used to publish blogs is [wordpress-> wordpress manual]. It is freely available, already pre-installed in many web hosting products and can also be used by laypeople without any problems. The software itself consists of a [...]
28. March 2013
TwentyTwelve horizontal menu

Customize the horizontal menu in the WordPress theme TwentyTwelve

I'm always impressed by the beautiful simplicity of the [Wordpress Themes-> wordpress-themes] TwentyTwelve. You can use it for any topic and customize it very easily. Today I have a domain with this theme again [...]
19. March 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

This is how the Google+ profile picture appears in the search results for Google searches

Hits in the search results have been automatically enriched with meta information by Google for a long time. For example, you can find customer ratings, prices and of course a profile photo of the author. As a search engine optimizer, I find this possibility [...]
1. March 2013

Shorten WordPress loading times: Remove query strings from static ressources

Today I'm somehow in the mood for optimizing the loading time of my blog. After optimizing the browser caching with the htaccess file, I have already found the second great tip that my [...]