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1. March 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Optimize WordPress loading time in 20 seconds: Leverage Browser Caching

If you check your WordPress blog in tools like PageSpeed, Pingdom or similar, then they often complain in their reports about the long loading times of the blog, which can be optimized with "browser caching", among other things. I [...]
21. February 2013

Dofollow Blogs List for Search Engine Optimization

To get one thing straight up front: I don't want this list to be used by someone who posted the blogs with pointless comments like "Great blog! Keep up the good work!" spammed to build backlinks. I write here myself [...]
18. February 2013
SEO consulting in North Hesse

SEO consultant in North Hesse

This blog is a kind of hobby that I look after alongside my freelance work as an SEO consultant. I like to work on [Apple Macintosh computers-> apple-macintosh] and am also provided with an iPhone and iPad on the go - for the reason [...]
18. February 2013
Xenu Link Check screenshot

Link Checker: Check the entire website for broken links

Various tools can be expected under the term link checker. Some people may be looking for a [backlink tool-> backlink-checker] to see how many backlinks a website has, but I would like to introduce a piece of software here that all links on one [...]
23. January 2013
Find out Wordpress version

Instructions: Create a new WordPress admin user with PHP script - also works with WordPress 4.x

Every now and then you get into the situation that you can no longer get access to WordPress, for example because you forgot your password and possibly have a new email address. Likewise, [...]
17. January 2013

IDN Converter: Convert umlaut domains to ASCII notation

In an attack of legal domain grabbing, I once bought a number of IDN domains that have good keywords as domain names. These are umlaut domains with Unicode notation, which, however, are not yet accepted by some hosting administrations [...]
17. January 2013
infiniteWP login

infiniteWP: this is how you manage many WordPress blogs - for free!

I'm a big fan of WordPress - even if the last WordPress update took a lot of nerves (see here and here). Accordingly, I often use it for my own projects or for customer sites. The CMS [...]
9. January 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Remove malware in WordPress semi-automatically by hand

Today I have a little do-it-yourself guide for a current occasion. The reason is that tonight some funny hacker filled a blog of mine with malware. Presumably it came from an outdated [...]
31. December 2012

WordPress Update 3.5: HTTP error while uploading images is killing me ...

As soon as the problem with the empty post editor has been fixed on a blog, I already have the next crap on my cheek. Ok, I admit it's my mistake, no backup BEFORE the update [...]
20. December 2012

WordPress 3.5 upgrade - problems with empty post editor

After I, brave as I am, implemented the upgrade to WordPress 3.5 in my blogs, at first I thought that everything had gone smoothly. But after I edit an older post after the upgrade [...]