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15. September 2019
Try out PHP functions with the w3schools test window

Try out PHP code and functions online in test windows

Ok, the heading sounds a bit strange, because PHP code mostly runs online when you don't have your own MAMP server running. Nevertheless, the title hits the nail on the head, because what I am today [...]
12 JULY 2019

Why captchas have become so damn heavy ...

A “CAPTCHA” is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, a completely automatic, public Turing test to differentiate between computers and humans. From the simple "I am not a [...]
24th of June 2019

WordPress 5 Manual - Everything from Themes to SEO

The publication of a new WordPress manual has been announced for today. It is the 1076-page work WordPress 5: The Comprehensive Handbook by Richard Eisenmenger, published in the 2019 edition in the renowned Rheinwerk [...]
28. May 2019
LanguageTool image

LanguageTool Plus: The German Grammarly alternative

I only became aware of the Grammarly tool a few days ago, which is a kind of instant spelling and grammar checker for texts that can be used, for example, via a browser plug-in in any text field in the Firefox browser [...]
22. May 2019
Fake captcha wants to steal admin rights

Beware of WordPress malware: Unintentional installation via fake captcha

This article is only intended to be a brief warning and instructions for the solution, as today I once again found a new type of malware on a customer's domain. The customer wanted to ask for WordPress, plugin and theme updates [...]
9. May 2019

Deactivate PHP warnings in WordPress in wp-config.php

Sometimes WordPress throws warnings or errors after upgrading to a new PHP version, which are caused by plugins or theme files that are no longer updated. Of course, as a long-term solution, you should try to rely on plugins or [...]
8. May 2019
Wordpress site url in wp-config.php featured image

Set the home URL and domain in the WordPress wp-config.php

Today I had the case that I had to move a WordPress website to another domain name for a customer because the old one had to be given up and was even no longer available. That doesn't happen often, [...]
April 17, 2019

a href = tel: This is how you create a clickable phone number link

A clickable telephone number on the imprint or support page is particularly recommended for websites and services that are accessed via mobile devices. When you tap it, the phone link leads directly to the device's telephony app. Copy or note the number, [...]
26. March 2019
Files with certain extensions in the file name can be filtered out very easily with regular expressions.

After a warning: Search the entire WordPress website in the source text for a word

Yesterday I had a problem again that at first glance couldn't be solved. A customer has been informed by a lawyer in the form of a warning that he does not use a certain word [...]
21. March 2019
Instructions: Install VR in Wordpress

Embed 360-degree photos and videos in WordPress sites

The recordings from 360-degree cameras are fascinating. Of course one would like to show such photographs to the rest of the world. But how can 360-degree photographs, taken with the Insta360 One X, for example, be included in a WordPress post [...]