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22th of June 2018

What are Article 11 and Article 13? (Video & petition)

Usually politics plays a subordinate role here in the blog; and when it is mentioned, it is usually only in the context of neutral reporting. However, there is currently quite a large discourse on Article 11 and Article [...]
8th of June 2018

Embetty: heise tool for data protection-compliant integration of social media

“Heise online” has an open source project called Embetty that aims to help webmasters to integrate third-party content from social media sites in a data-protecting manner. Because posts, videos, tweets as well as like and share buttons provide data from [...] even without direct interaction.
7th of June 2018
Solve Wordpress Specify a vary message

WordPress: How to Fix the "Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding Header" Warning

As many of you already know, I spend my dear, long day around customer websites that are usually based on WordPress. For the reason, today again a tip that I just [...]
25. May 2018

Klick-Tipp - Newsletter software "Made in Germany"

As part of the big topic of data protection and the EU GDPR, which has been in force since the end of May 2018, the search for good newsletter software or a reliable mailing service provider who takes data protection-compliant mailings seriously has become a major topic. [...]
24. May 2018

rapidmail - GDPR-compliant newsletter service from Germany

As a blogger, company, influencer, association or organization, regularly sending newsletters - this is a task that you want to automate when you have a certain number of recipients or groups of recipients and when there is a higher frequency of e-mails. Here […]
24. May 2018

Google search operators - better searching and better finding

The search on Google can spit out a wide variety of results depending on the input of individual search terms. If you do not find the exact keyword that the SEO person used on the page you are looking for, you may have to scroll for a long time until you find
22. May 2018

CleverReach - newsletter service from Germany (GDPR-compliant)

Are you looking for newsletter software from Germany that enables you to address your readers or customers within the EU GDPR-compliant email marketing? Then CleverReach could be something for you. In the standard offer [...]
21. May 2018

Newsletter2Go - German, GDPR-compliant newsletter software

The German newsletter software Newsletter2Go from the Berlin-based GmbH of the same name is used to create and send newsletter e-mails quickly and easily. In addition to creating and sending newsletters to recipients, the program [...]
16. May 2018 hosting now makes server log files GDPR-compliant

My hut has really been on fire for a few weeks. All customers whose websites I look after only now come up with the idea that I could make their website data protection compliant because of the GDPR. Now there is [...]