Technology contributions from A to Z

3. December 2021

Learn to program: give away a Raspberry Pi set for Christmas

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a very compact, but very powerful mini-computer. The finished Raspberry board, which you can buy for your own expansions, programming projects and the like, offers many opportunities for tinkering and learning to program. Therefore [...]
1. December 2021

Learn to program: give away an Arduino set for Christmas

The Arduino board and the components that can be combined with it are ideal if you or someone around you wants to program a device with sensors. Your own alarm system, an automatic system for watering flowers, a weather station with automatic data transmission or [...]
30. November 2021
Article Forge in the test

AI-based article generator "Article Forge V3.0" in the test with German language

In the last one to two years, more and more companies have come onto the market and offer online services that offer the creation of blog posts or articles with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The first […]
30. November 2021

Thanks to silicone pads: M1 MacBook Air almost as fast as the Pro model

Last year Apple presented its first MacBook models with “Apple Silicon”, a SoC that combines CPU and GPU, among other things. Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro from 2020 have the M1 [...]
29. November 2021
Unfortunately, my desk is too littered. For this reason I have to show you a photo of a Lifespan Treadmill Desk, which also shows how such a setup can look like (Photo: Lifespan).

Every office worker should have a Treadmill-Desk ... my pick of KW46

What does the term “Treadmill Desk” mean? Basically two things: a standing desk and a treadmill. Both together allow you to run at a moderate speed while you work. Why should you do that? [...]
18. November 2021

For the dark season: eufy security cameras with light

In the past few weeks, eufy, Anker's smart home brand, has presented various surveillance cameras. Models with LED light are also available for the dark season. This is the eufy L20 camera with a [...]
17. November 2021

Technology and robot advent calendar 2021

Yesterday I presented you with interesting LEGO advent calendars for December 2021, today it's about technology, electronics and robots. If you, your partner, your children or someone else is into technology and robots [...]
15. November 2021

Cable and adapter: Micro-USB to USB-C

There are various solutions for converting devices and cables from micro USB to USB type C. For example, if you want to use a USB-C port on the charger to charge a device with a micro-USB connector, then an adapter is worthwhile. [...]
11. November 2021

Anker PowerConf H500 and H700 - Bluetooth headsets with recording and transcription

It is again or still time for the home office. And meetings there can be particularly stressful. If you don't have a large desk to organize yourself on, or if you don't have an improvised workplace in the [...]
8. November 2021

The right SD card for the DJI Mavic 3 drone

With the DJI Mavic 3, a new professional drone in a handy format came onto the market last week. It can be used to take amazing photos and videos from the air. The Hasselblad camera promises sharp images with [...]