Technology contributions from A to Z

1 April 2022
Redroad V17 in the test report

Redroad V17 cordless hand vacuum cleaner in the test

A few weeks ago I received the Redroad V17 from the manufacturer for testing. In principle, this device is a battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner that can be used if you need to […]
29 March 2022

Find My Bike - classifieds scan for stolen bikes

If you have a bicycle, you certainly protect it against theft. There are a variety of bicycle locks, tracking via AirTag and other trackers and other options. But anyone who wants to steal bicycles knows this as well, of course. [...]
23 March 2022

Pitaka MagEZ Slider - Charging station for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (Pro)

Pitaka has launched a new multifunctional and modular charging station for Apple devices. The combination of Qi charger and power bank offers charging surfaces for iPhones of the 12 and 13 series, for the Apple Watch of the Series 3, 4, 5, […]
21 March 2022

Which SD card to use for the Steam Deck?

Anyone who uses Valve's Steam game client on a Mac, PC or Linux computer may currently be considering buying the Steam Deck. The handheld console makes many of the computer games from the Steam library playable on the go. [...]
20 March 2022

XENCELABS drawing tablet with two pens, remote control and discount

As you probably already know, we regularly look at creative accessories for Mac and PC here on the blog, including drawing tablets. An offer rated very well on Amazon comes from the manufacturer XENCELABS. [...]
16 March 2022

Redkey W12 - Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with battery operation (sponsor)

With a total weight of only 3,8 kg and a combined suction and wiping function, the Redkey W12 cordless vacuum cleaner wants to impress: vacuuming, damp wiping and drying the floor in one operation. The individual functions can be conveniently […]
16 March 2022

MP4 - Video container format for large media files

The container and file format MP4 is used on digital devices such as computers and smartphones as well as in networks such as the World Wide Web as a way of displaying videos. Multiple video and audio tracks can be used, but […]
16 March 2022

Recommendation: Ergonomic mouse for long computer work

I've been working on my Apple MacBook Pro with an ergonomic mouse since May 2019. At first this was unfamiliar as holding and moving the input device felt completely different than it had over the years and […]
15 March 2022

ROIDMI EVA - Self-cleaning hybrid vacuum robot with over 1 million euros in funding

There are many vacuum cleaner robots, including those with a wiping function and, more recently, a cleaning station. A funding campaign for a new ROIDMI device at Indiegogo shows that the previous offers have not yet convinced everyone who is interested. Currently, the steps […]
10 March 2022
Apple tablet battery mAh

[Update] Overview: Battery capacity (mAh & Wh) of the Apple iPad models

How much mAh battery capacity does my iPad have? - You may have asked yourself this question while looking for a power bank, a charger or perhaps a new, better Apple tablet. Following I have you [...]