Technology contributions from A to Z

11 January 2022

FaceTime on TV is possible on Xbox (but not on Apple TV)

Anyone who connects a webcam to their Xbox (Series X / S) and opens a FaceTime link received by email via the Edge browser can participate in the corresponding call via the television. There is no stream of the video call [...]
23 December 2021
VPN protection for privacy

Do VPNs Really Protect Privacy?

Interest in VPN providers has risen sharply in recent years. I suspect the reasons are, on the one hand, the increase in people who work on the go and, on the other hand, the use of streaming services such as [...]
14 December 2021
e-Energy socket to save electricity

e-Energy socket to save electricity? Don't be fooled!

Today I received an email in which the e-Energy socket was advertised to save electricity. My SpamSieve mail plug-in, which watches over my inbox, classified the mail as spam, which is pretty much the right thing to do. [...]
10 December 2021
AG13 battery - in a button cell set

AG13 battery - offers, comparison types and technical data

The designation AG13 is based on the abbreviation AG for alkaline battery and the number 13, which is a consecutive number of the AG battery types. AG button cells are available from AG0 to AG13, whereby we here with AG13 the [...]
9 December 2021
Will there be a VPN with Apple One?

Apple VPN - a logical feature for Apple One or iCloud +?

There's no question that Apple has made privacy and security a big priority for its users. Last but not least, security for iPhone users is also one of the main arguments with which [...]
3 December 2021

Learn to program: give away a Raspberry Pi set for Christmas

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a very compact, but very powerful mini-computer. The finished Raspberry board, which you can buy for your own expansions, programming projects and the like, offers many opportunities for tinkering and learning to program. Therefore [...]
1 December 2021

Learn to program: give away an Arduino set for Christmas

The Arduino board and the components that can be combined with it are ideal if you or someone around you wants to program a device with sensors. Your own alarm system, an automatic system for watering flowers, a weather station with automatic data transmission or [...]
30 November 2021
Article Forge in the test

AI-based article generator "Article Forge V3.0" in the test with German language

In the last one to two years, more and more companies have come onto the market and offer online services that offer the creation of blog posts or articles with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The first […]
30 November 2021

Thanks to silicone pads: M1 MacBook Air almost as fast as the Pro model

Last year Apple presented its first MacBook models with “Apple Silicon”, a SoC that combines CPU and GPU, among other things. Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro from 2020 have the M1 [...]
29 November 2021
Unfortunately, my desk is too littered. For this reason I have to show you a photo of a Lifespan Treadmill Desk, which also shows how such a setup can look like (Photo: Lifespan).

Every office worker should have a Treadmill-Desk ... my pick of KW46

What does the term “Treadmill Desk” mean? Basically two things: a standing desk and a treadmill. Both together allow you to run at a moderate speed while you work. Why should you do that? [...]