Technology contributions from A to Z

22 October 2021

MacBook Pro 2021 - Details on SD slot and HDMI port

On Monday, Apple presented its new MacBook Pros. With both models we were able to experience the return of some previously missing connections, e.g. B. the SD slot and the HDMI connection. But which technology is behind it in each case? [...]
20 October 2021

Introduced: Apple M1 Pro and Apple M1 Max

Apple has introduced two new chip systems for the new models of the MacBook Pro as well as for the demands of the users. The first SoC (System on Chip) is called the M1 Pro and offers an 8-core CPU and [...]
12 October 2021

12 handy tools on the Google search engine

I mostly do web searches with DuckDuckGo or Ecosia, but there are a few use cases that lead me back to the old data octopus Google. In these cases I just want the convenience of some handy Google tools that [...]
11 October 2021

[Update] Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro in the test - great sound, interesting design

On Saturday, Anker released the new headphones from its audio brand, the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro. The wireless Bluetooth earplugs come as in-ear headphones with various silicone caps and temples. In addition, they offer a for this type of [...]
7 October 2021

[Update] Fire TV Stick 4K Max - More performance and faster WiFi

Amazon has launched a new solution for smart TV via HDMI, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. This brings 40% more performance for system and apps as well as Wi-Fi 6 for faster and [...]
4 October 2021

Which SD card for the GoPro HERO10 Black?

With the GoPro HERO10 Black, the leading manufacturer of action cameras launched a new professional model on September 16, 2021. Like its predecessors, the device uses [...] to store photos and videos.
4 October 2021

Headphones for the iPhone 13 - How to find the right headphones!

There has long been no headphone jack on the Apple iPhone, which is why the question of compatibility arises with every new model. Looking for headphones for the iPhone 13 (mini / [...]
29 September 2021

Handheld vacuum cleaner with charging station: eufy HomeVac H30 Mate now available

Some time ago, the technology manufacturer Anker informed us that the new hand-held vacuum cleaner from its smart home brand eufy will soon be available. Now you can buy the eufy HomeVac H30 Mate on the German Amazon site. [...]
28 September 2021

Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh

Apple presented the new iPhone models two weeks ago. The first devices are now in the hands of the users. But repair professionals and other curious people also have an iPhone 13 (mini) or iPhone 13 [...]
20 September 2021

iPhone 13 is supplied without a power supply unit - an overview of fast chargers

Last week Apple introduced the four new iPhone models. A charger or power supply unit is not included in the scope of delivery for any of these. If you want to buy an iPhone 13 and still don't have a suitable charger with a USB-C port [...]